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Love One-Four 16.3

In case you missed the last posts:

‘’It does not envy …’’

Its day 3 already and I trust you’ve been blessed so far. Today’s writer is another special person. I’ve heard her speak, I’ve read her work and I’ve admired her walk with God. I don’t know Oreva to well personally but she’s just one of those people that is sweet and you’d enjoy being around. She blogs at




Make sure you check her out. Here’s her love one-four piece:


Love does not envy

It doesn’t burn green with envy at the thought of you becoming great.

Love does not hate that you’re ahead.

Or devise ways to bring you down.

2016-06-18 10.00.39 


Love does not wish that yours was his, or hers was yours, or his wasn’t his.

Love does not envy, because love understands the truth

That’s what’s mine is ultimately yours, and what’s yours is mine.

In love, there is oneness and with that oneness comes serendipity

Serendipity that makes love a circle.

Not a square with corners to back you in,

Or a rectangle that causes long lines of distress, across the four sides of your face.

Not any of the other shapes, cos it shapes you into an image that is too infinite for a shape to properly describe. Love is a circle, it’s endless and unfailing. It never fails, it does not envy because in the end, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is indefinitely mine.

– Eva


Check out some other posts by Eva on




Love goes round – literally. There’s no beginning and no end. There’s no pause point – no break for you to stop and review what you don’t have and what others have therefore no room for envy! On that note, if you liked this, then click like and share it with those you know – that’s love *wink*. Remember,

‘’Love never fails.’’





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