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Love One Four 16.4

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Ofumi is another amazing writer I recently met. I like the way she dissects the bible and forces you to confront the reality of your Christian journey. She’s like the poster girl for ‘Finding You in God’s Word’ forcing you to live out your faith. Okay, I know I talk too much so let’s start this – Ladies and gentlemen it’s Ofumi Amune.

Whenever I hear these statements “Do you know how much I love you or do you know what I have done for him/her?”… it gets me thinking and I begin to ask myself what is love all about?

God is Love! And when He made the sacrifice of sending His only son to die on the cross, it was never recorded that He bragged about it!

“Love Does Not Boast” says Paul.

Christ had a problem with boasters. These were Pharisees who always wanted everyone to know about the good they were doing when making an offering or wanted the world to know that they were fasting.

Today, many of us know the reality of doing a good deed and not waiting around to receive recognition for it. While in the time of Christ, a Good Samaritan would have been unheard of. Today, we have turned into a position of honour and can’t often speak of an unknown Good Samaritan who showed up.




Boasting is an outward act that draws attention to ourselves rather than to the one we love. We find many people trumpeting their deeds on the street and this doesn’t draw attention to God but to oneself just as in the case of the Pharisees. At the end of it all, the people witnessing this will walk away without a knowledge of God but that of the ‘trumpeter’.

This does not mean we will never speak of ourselves in public, but we need to try to make sure that we are not building our own kingdoms in doing so.

Love does not boast because, love seeks the good of the object of love. (1 Cor 13:4)

Here, we will see some reasons why Love Does Not Boast.

  • Love does not boast about possessions.

The old King James Bible Says, Charity vaunted not itself. This explains that bragging about what we possess is not needed. Have you ever seen anyone brag about something they own? Yes! We humans are funny. We brag about new cars, houses, clothes, mundane things, just to feel good about ourselves. Someone once said to me, “it’s not like I’m boasting oh, but he doesn’t have half of what I’ve got!” and then I said to myself, ‘really? And it’s not like he’s boasting… what then was he doing” lol… we do this all because we are trying to impress people. Without others, we can’t boast! Have u ever heard people talk about themselves to their cat, dog or even trees in the forest? No! When we boast about our possessions, we feel good about ourselves and build ourselves up while it tears others down. This can cause others to sin as it brings out the covetous nature in people, thereby leading to stealing, etc.


  • Love does not boast about achievements.

This is what Mohammed Ali did because for a number of years, he was the only prize fighter in the world which everyone already knew but still he rubbed it in everyone’s face. On the TV camera, he’ll say “I’m the greatest of all time”. We also hear people talk about their educational achievement, their children, etc while, some people have not attended college or they are struggling with helping their kids be what they aspire to be due to lack of resources. Bragging about accomplishments is being insensitive to others which is unfair and makes others look less important. This depicts pride!


  • Lastly, Love does not boast about itself.

Some people boast about who they are, what family they come from, country, group, club, etc. I remember a friend visiting Nigeria, he has dual citizenship. He’ll always say in the UK, we don’t do this, the government does this, etc. He was practically boasting about the UK that is not his motherland, but just because he’s had such privilege, we didn’t hear word. We see that when we brag about ourselves, we aren’t really concerned or care about other people. This shows selfishness.


The greatest commandment given is on LOVE. (Matt. 22: 36-40).

Love the Lord your God with all thy heart, mind, soul, strength; and love your neighbour as you love yourself.

I am to love God first by obeying and doing his will and then, I am to love and care about others the way I do about myself. Love thinks about others first, it will build others and not tear them down, and this also will encourage others to pursue God’s will for their lives.



Now you know what you’re going to do. Don’t just say it – You actually have to do it! Remember to do love – not just say it or ‘feel’ it and when you do it; you don’t have to tell the whole world about it!!! Join our ganaija family on facebook simply by liking the page! Don’t forget,


‘’Love never fails.’’





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