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Love One-Four 16.6

In case you missed the last posts:

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‘’It does not dishonour others …’’

I am personally enjoying this series. From short poems to long narratives, we’re being forced to confront our definition of love. Here’s another practical love piece by Victory Osarumwense. I call her my song sister 🙂 She blogs at




With no further ado, here’s what Veekhy thinks:

On a very normal day as you sit thinking about your life, you receive a message from your bank saying your account has been credited with Ghc 4,000 (N 287898.56 ) from a very unfamiliar name. The fact is this money can change your status but there is a small problem; the voice that is telling you that this can only be a mistake. However, there is another voice, you say this one is the voice of the spirit and you nod as it tells you that this is an answer to the favour provoking prayers you made last Sunday. In fact, you knew it… you knew that God had no choice but to answer you as you recall screaming repeatedly

‘Lord, slap me with your hand of favour.

From the north, slap me!

From the east, slap me!!

From the west, slap me!!!’

This God is just too good. I mean how else can one describe this other than the supernatural hand of God slapping this money into your account by making the payer misdial some numbers? You fall on your knees and start rehearsing how you would give this testimony in front of those sisters who think for some reason that they are better than you. Of course, this is how you would start

“pra, prai, prai…. se the Lord, i said, pra, prai, prai……. se the Lord…’’




2016-06-22 04.50.22


The invigilator announces 15 minutes more and you know, you just know that you are dead. You have no explanation for the blank sheet in front of you. It is not that you did not read for this exam, it is just that you did not read this topic which happened to be the lecturer’s sole focus.

You begin to recite

‘I would look up to the hills, from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from…’

That’s when you hear it. It is your faithful God-sent friend whispering your name. He says he has finished and can help you out. This is it… My help cometh from the Lord, but God cannot come down and supply the answers now, he works through men. That is one thing you are very sure of in this your Christian walk. He walks through men and we must shine our eyes to recognize these men when God is working through them.



Someone once said,

“Live life knowing that God’s glory is actually at stake”

And for the life of me, I had never really seen things that way. I was just thinking about how different things would be if we actually lived even the very minute details of their lives knowing that God’s glory is at stake. That we are representatives of God on earth and we owe him a duty not to soil or bring dishonour to his name.


After all, the greatest commandment is to love God with all your soul, heart and mind, so why not prove your love to him by living to bring honour and not dishonour to his name (love does not dishonour).

Now go back. Press play on the two scenarios above. What would you do?

  • Veekhy





Sometimes in life, we need to press pause and savor the moments with our loved ones, other times we need to press pause and consider if our actions show love so I’d leave you in one of Veekhy’s scenes – What would you do?

‘’Love never fails.’’




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