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Love One-Four 16.10

In case you missed the last posts:

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Love keeps no record of wrongs

‘Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.’

This particular verse is somewhat tricky. Love not delighting in evil means that even when you love someone, you should not encourage their bad habits or ‘sins’. It also does not mean that you should gloat when an ‘enemy’ is found guilty of a crime. Love rejoicing in the truth means that you celebrate what is right and good – not covering up soon or trying to justify sin. Remember, love is not about how you feel towards someone or who can ‘do you’ back. It’s a lot more complicated than that as we’ve seen so far. Anyway for us to understand this particular quality of love God’s way, we need to understand God’s perspective of evil and the truth.

Today’s write in is by a friend of mine I like to call trans-national. She’s from the South, lives in the North, schooled in the North first then in Western Nigeria and now I’m waiting for her to bring home an Eastern husband. She is truly Nigerian! Okay too much information, her name is Comfort and she’s a God lover too. One more thing, if you haven’t liked Ganaija on facebook yet – WAIT!!! Now click here and like …




Here’s her Love One-Four piece:

To get a beautiful illustration concerning this great fact about love, let us cast our mind back to the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15 v 11 – 32).



Yes the boy did evil and no father would be happy about that.  But what happened when the prodigal son saw himself as he truly was – worthless without his father and unworthy to be called son? He was welcomed in grand style by his father.





One point to note here is that in love, even though evil occurs, if followed by a realization of the wrong and an embrace of the truth, the joy that the truth brings overcomes the unhappiness that came with evil.

2016-06-26 16.42.04





And that’s it folks. It’s short but I hope you got the message. Celebrate God’s truth – even if people err, correct them in love. It’s not an opportunity for ‘I told you so!’

‘’Love never fails.’’




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