Shay in a flash

I’m just me … I am a combination of so many odd characters I really cannot describe myself.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love reading novels – Mystery, romance, law, action – I’d read just about anything as long as it has a good story in it. My favourite author of all time is John Grisham. I just love the way he tells his stories and the suspense involved in them. Ironically, I am not in the field of  law or any art related course. I am a pure science student. I also absolutely adore Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers!!!

A hopeless romantic at heart, I love matchmaking and making extraordinary stories out of ordinary romances. ;-D Its a gift I guess … Lol! I just love writing and singing and I definitely have way more male friends than I need and very few female friends. I dont really know why because I’m not a sporty gal or anything of the sort but I just find it easier to relate to guys.

Youre probably wondering what inspired the ‘ganaija’ concept … Well I’m Nigerian and I school in Ghana. Unfortunately, there’s no long inspirational story behind it 😦

Before I run my mouth a little too far and spill everything there is to know about me, I’ll stop! But you can follow me on twitter @Ghanaijachic and you’ll just have to stick around and try and figure me out but I must warn you … Many before you have tried!!! :)

7 thoughts on “Shay in a flash

    1. I liked what I saw so I put a ring on it – sorry made a click on it x_x (I can be very dry sometimes … Lol).

      I like your style of writing and your motivation for writing – the combination makes really beautiful pieces!

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