The Vow


This book by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter with Dana Wilkerson is a must read. It is one story that will pull on your heartstrings no matter how hard your heart  is. Its a story of dedication and commitment and accountability. Even when things are not as clear as they should be and in this quick fix generation, we need a story that shows us that patience really does yield results and for every situation there is hope. It’s not your typical happy ending but then again its a true story so the story hasn’t really ended.

I’m proud of myself that I managed to say all that without giving too much away! 🙂 Anyway I wrote a post based on the book – Click here! There’s a movie as well. I saw the movie first X_X but in my defence I didn’t know there was a book. :p

Develop a reading culture. I’ve been bad myself lately but I’m working on it. Read a book and send in your review so we’ll put it up here with your name.

Until the next book!


One thought on “The Vow

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