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All I want for Christmas 5

JOY – Today you guys have me to deal with! šŸ˜€
Do I need an intro for myself? Hehehe … Y’all know me (at least to an extent) and love me (I hope šŸ˜¦ at least a lil’)! And that’s all the intro I’ll do … Enjoy šŸ™‚


You already know I’m talking about JOY! Growing up JOY was defined as Jesus first, Yourself last, Others in between. I was vehemently against this definition – I mean how do you put others first all the time and expect to be happy! That’s the main problem most of us have – What’s the difference between being happy and being joyful?

Happiness is a feeling. You can’t help it. It is determined by the environment and circumstances. Joy on the other hand is there no matter what happens. Joy is a byproduct, an additional benefit, not the end in itself. It is this feeling of contentment despite what life throws at you. It is closely entwined with peace. Like peace of yesterday, you have to be in Christ to experience true joy and in its fullness. It flows into and grows within the person whose life and energies are not focused merely on being joyful!
You don’t chase joy. It is something that you either possess or don’t. If you’re chasing it, then you don’t have it. Joy is not the product of the natural mind but the product of the Holy Spirit. As it is not a product of the natural mind, then looking for it outside the guidance of the Holy Spirit will produce poor counterfeits, if at all any, of what God is and desires to be in us.

Back to my elementary definition. We’ve covered ‘Jesus first’.Joy also involves selflessness. You cannot truly be joyful if you are selfish. One thing I learnt today is that the more you hoard, the worse you stink. Let me explain – A lagoon may stink because it gets water from all sources including gutters that overflow but as it doesn’t give any out, the debris accumulates and it stinks. Be giving and loving and selfless and joy will flow. Ever heard the saying thatĀ ‘If you want to feel better about something, help someone.’, paraphrased of course! That covers ‘Others in between‘. Ultimately you have to be in the equation. I mean who’s gonna experience the joy?

This is a lil’ off the top of my head but remember joy’s a decision. You have to choose to remain joyful!


Okay that’s it. You read my thoughts all through so I’ll just summarize all I’ve said:
J – Jesus first
O – Others in between
Y – Yourself last

Have a great week!

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All I want for Christmas 4

Its a new day everyone! And its 3 days to New Year šŸ™‚ Ganaijachic’s now on facebook and its easier to communicate with other followers! Please visit facebook and like the page. Let’s see how many likes we can get in two point something days. Click here to go directly to the page.

Today’s writer was my friend before before (He’d kill me if he saw this :p). We started talking mainly because he’s a reader and he’s the one that initiated me into the British Literature readers!!! I chose him to talk about peace for various reasons but basically because he’s one person that has connected with his inner man. No matter what, he has peace even when he’s not sure what happens next. Before I go on and on, I want to introduce you to a very good friend of mine and an amazing artist Odudu Abasi-Essien,
P.S. You might want to get a dictionary just in case šŸ™‚


Peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace is usually seen as a state of quiet and calm, a realm of sweet tranquility void of unwelcome chaos. That in a sense is true, the only issue with such a definition is the variable factor of environmental change. With it, peace depends on the situation and environment one is positioned. To simplify it, one would say such peace is the absence of war. But on a more realistic, if we were to accept this definition in a world falling apart, we would hardly ever experience it. However we have an infinite reserve of peace we can call on whenever we need it. Jesus said, ‘My peace I give unto you’. Here, we see that peace can be carried with you and its not something controlled by environment.

Jesus is also seen as the Prince of Salem (peace). This means that He is the custodian and governor of peace and He has made it available to you. Peace is carried inside you. Why? Because you have God Almighty inside you, inside your spirit.

Peace is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. One of the fruit that forms the image or character of Christ. We see how Jesus, in the storm battered boat, slept like a child while HisĀ disciplesĀ almost tore off their beards. Jesus woke and said sternly, ‘Peace be still’. We can see the power Christ has over peace enough to command it to manifest in a geographical location. This power has been given to us as the power to become sons of God. Sons imitate their fathers. We imitate God.

Therefore peace is the mobile quality of calm, tranquility, assurance and trust in God’s love and ability to deliver. It takes the weights off you and gives you rest.


I sign out with the peace sign šŸ˜€ Basically people. peace is a benefit from a decision not a feeling or mood. Make that decision to let Christ live in you and rule your world and you’ve made the decision to allow peace abide.
Bye bye for now šŸ™‚

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All I want for Christmas 3

Hey everyone! I know Christmas day’s over and all but in the spirit of Christmas (and due to technical difficulties from my end), I’ll be posting the remaining ‘All I want for Christmas’ posts over the next couple of days.
Today I want to introduce you to a very dear mentor of mine. šŸ˜€ She’s awesome, God fearing and loves God with all she is! (Notice I said ‘is’ and not ‘has’). She’s one of the few people who have shown me that Christianity does not mean ‘boring’ or ‘suffering’ but setting standards for the world to follow in ALL aspects of life and she blogs here. Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to sit back and enjoy this piece on Self control by Miss Nana Fatima Daudu!

Self control …. Two words that have determined the rise and fall of men, families and nations. It is a very importantĀ virtueĀ that every man must develop if he hopes to succeed in life.

Self control is discipline. It is the ability to live above your desires and cravings. It refers to being a master rather than a slave to yourself. Self-control is the true meaning of freedom. Often people feel that to be free means to be able to do as you wish or a life with no restrictions. The truth however is that freedom is the ability to live a disciplined life ( in other words a lifeĀ characterizedĀ by self control). It is ability to do not what you want but what you ought. A person who lacksĀ disciplineĀ is a man who is free but one who is a slave, a slave to his own desires. He is no better than an animal who is controlled by instinct and impulse.

Self control is key if you desire to not just attain success but remain successful. Getting to the top is never as difficult as staying on top. The difference more often than not between those who get to the top and those who stay there is self control. Without self control or discipline any success you attain is short lived. The bible says puts it perfectly when it says ” a man without self control is like a city broken into and left without walls” (Proverbs 25:28 ESV). A life led without self control is a disaster waiting to happen. There are many examples of individuals and nations whose lack of discipline has resulted in their plunge from grace to grass. Nigeria is classic example. TheĀ indisciplineĀ of her leaders and citizens has resulted in her non existent movement towards development and stunted growth. The world’s economic crisis can be traced to the indiscipline of a men in the pursuit of profit. The likes of Lindsay Lohan living a life of self gratification show just how indiscipline can ruin your life and talent.

Marriages have endedĀ becauseĀ someone couldn’t show discipline. Marriage requires commitment and commitment requires discipline. Let me elaborate. When you get married, you don’t become blind. Getting married will not stop me from finding good looking men attractive or my husband from finding good looking women attractive. Who you find attractive is instinctive. ( If you find Thor or Kim Kardashian attractive, getting married will not change that). However, what matters is what you do with the attraction. Do you as a married person, pursue another person because you are attracted to them or do you discipline yourself remembering your commitment to one you married? Some couples are unfaithful not because they do not love their partners but because they lacked self control and acted on a passing instinctive attraction to another person. This is just an instance of one of the many areas of life that indiscipline can destroy.


Mastering oneself is d greatest achievement in life. “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still”(wise saying). As a christian self control is what keeps you from sinning and gratifying as the bible puts it the desires of the flesh. God has created us for a purpose and the truth is that we cannot achieve that destiny if we don’tĀ disciplineĀ ourselves. We must learn to do the right thing at the right time. We must learn to say no to ourselves. We as believers must be controlled only by the spirit of God. When we lack self control, it means we are slaves to ourselves and thus we have become a god to ourselves. In other words we replaced God in our lives.

Self control is a virtue ofĀ necessityĀ  It gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through. It is an important requirement for the attainment of any objective. It leads to the development of self esteem, confidence and inner strength all of which make you a better individual. Self control is not self denial but mastery of your desires and passions. There is saying “I am indeed a king because I know how to rule myself” A sign of an intelligent man is self control and discipline.

The true key to conquering the world is conquering yourself. As a saying goes “Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.ā€
And in life “Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”
If you refuse to learn self control, your life willĀ inadvertentlyĀ be filled with a truck load of regrets.

Self control isn’t easy. It is developed in pain. It is built over time through determination and will power. It has to be strengthened through training and practice. It is not an easy thing to possess but it definitely useful. The holy spirit can help you develop this virtue. It is a conscious decision to live a life of discipline. It is choice you make every day, every hour, every second. The benefits make it worth the effort.

Chocoholic girl

And so we’ve heard it. Self-control is the key to staying successful. Read all the self help books you like to get there but ultimately can you stay there? One thing I’ve decided is that as the year ends its time to choose – Discipline or Regret!!!