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I need help!!!

Him: How’s prep going?
Me: I need help
Him: You? Need help? I don’t believe.
Me: You see that’s the problem. Nobody believes me.
Him: Yes nah, how can YOU need help?
This conversation held between me and someone else few weeks ago. It was kind of annoying because it is a typical conversation and as much as I’m honoured by the fact that people think I have stuff under control, I need them to realise when I need help. I mean usually I’d have said fine and moved on but I said I need help!! đŸ˜„
This post is a cry to two sets of people:
– The ‘can-helps’ and
– The ‘


I’ll start with category 2.
Dear oversabis,
Please stop spoiling our market. If you’ve read, you’ve read. Stop trying to form humble and then coming to daze the whole world. You make the ‘can help’s think we want to take advantage of them. If you want to show yourself, feel free. We would even hail you but please don’t start by forming you need help and then turning tables around.
Dear can helps,
Please note that some of us are genuinely in need of help. The oversabis have spoiled our market small but some of us are still genuine. Please don’t make assumptions especially if that individual has not done oversabi for you before. Thanks in advance for your help.
Those that genuinely need help but can’t get it because of the general notion that they have it all together.

P.S. Not everyone might be able to relate with this post. It is more peculiar to student environments.

P.P.S. I don’t know how to translate oversabi. By next post, I’ll have a proper translation or at least an interpretation.

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Examination Excellence – DuringEXAM

It’s a little overdue I think but then everything happens for a reason ;). This is part two of Examination Excellence. In case you missed Pre Exam (part 1), just click here!

We know so far the basics concerning what to do before exams. Tips for during exams are kind of hard to outline but I’ve highlighted a few for you guys. Thanks for your responses on part 1 and I hope this helps as well. Enjoy!

1) Sleep well

Yes, Sleep! There’s no point in you getting sick during the exam or dozing in the hall so as much as you may need to sacrifice some hours of sleep, you should sleep a little! It not only relaxes your body but your mind as well.

2) Double check EVERYTHING

Be sure to make sure you have everything you need for the exam the previous day – especially for morning papers. I still advise that you cross check just before you leave for the exam. You may have taken something and forgotten to return it or put something close by so as not to forget but lo and behold … So be extra careful!

3) Revise your notes with enough time to spare

This is particularly tricky. I mean you can’t control time but if you study well before exams, you just need to revise so plan your time to revise that particular course the previous day or the morning before for papers much later in the day. Giving yourself adequate time reduces the pressure placed on you thereby reducing tension and making it easier to assimilate knowledge.

4) Get there on time

My definition of on time in this case is at least 5 minutes before the official time. Give enough time to accommodate delays and ‘unforeseen circumstances’. Once you’re late, it affects your mental game and the time you spend trying to find balance again is time wasted. Just avoid all that and get to your venue on time.

5) Discard your panic button

There is nothing you can do again once its time for the paper whether you’re done reading or not.
There is nothing you can achieve if you freak out about the size of material you have left to cover.

Just don’t panic – It makes things even worse! Try and stay calm at all times. Do your best to cover what you have to. If you can’t, it may be somewhat unfortunate; if you can, how great for you but ultimately panic can cause failure in itself.

Those are five basic rules. Before I forget, pray before you start and after you’re done. I have a few more but you can add to your list by building on these. Personally, (even though I do it sometimes, I’m trying to stop) I don’t like going over the questions to see which ones I got wrong because it’s sort of depressing when you dwell on it. Some tests however, I like to review so I can have knowledge of it for the main exams.
Like I said, it depends on you. Create your own list but these are 5 basic tips.

Happy new month.
Check out our daily tid-bit and have a wonderful month!

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Examination Excellence – PreEXAM!

All students want to pass and be promoted. What makes you stand out is your desire for excellence!  I’ve broken it down into a three part series – pre, during and post exam. (Click on the links). I’m about to start my exams so I thought ‘What better time to write this than now?’. I’ve included a few tips I learnt in church yesterday as well so enjoy!

Tips from the God of excellence

1) Sacrifice

Some sacrifices need to be made in your schedule the period JUST before exam.

  • Cancel all anti-CWA or anti-GPA appointments
  • Sacrifice some hours of SLEEP! Yes sleep :p Rest enough but don’t sleep too much!
  • Sacrifice some movie time – Movies will still be there after the exams so let them be for now.
  • Sacrifice your ego – Ask for help! If you need help with something, dont be afraid to ask. Its now or never!!!

2) Watch these (and no, they are not movie titles :p)

  • Last class – Pay attention in your very last class. The lecturer usually wants to cover what is going to come out in the exam by all means. If you’ve had your last class, go back and try to review what you did.
  • Meals – Eat something heavy, you’ll sleep for Africa! Try and eat things that will supply your nutritional needs but not make you lazy or tired.
  • Watch against distractions and discouragement – Sounds easy but you have to pay close attention.
  • Watch out for the latest news – Again NOT TV. Find out what’s happening – Past questions, Venue changes and things like that.

3) Planning

  • Get a comprehensive schedule of your exam timetable
  • Design a personal reading timetable
  • Write down your desired average for that term or semester and what you have to get in individual courses to achieve it.
  • Work towards your goal

4) Studying

There is a huge difference between studying and reading. Studying is the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge especially from books while reading is just discovering information by looking at and comprehending the meaning of something just because it is written in a decodable language. The next few lines are elements of proper studying:

  • Read two pages at a time with focus and understanding.
  • Jot down certain points.
  • Solve some questions or attempt sample questions.

5) Getting

The four things listed below are not all material things but they need to be gotten.

  • A teachable mind – Only God can help transform your mind so go to Him which brings us to …
  • Direction – Again go to God. The Holy Spirit is there to help you. He can even show you exactly where to read if you ask and believe!
  • Things you need to hit your target – Use things you’re familiar with. Don’t go round buying the fancy pencil everyone’s using this year if you can’t use it!
  • What you need to execute your plan – Everything else! Prayer most of all. There may be an impartation service or anointing service as a bonus for you but PRAYER most of all.

Do NOT be afraid for God has not given you the spirit of fear but of wisdom, love and of a sound mind. Pray as if you’ve NOT read and read your best. The Lord will grant you excellent success in Jesus name.

Have an awesome week everyone! 🙂