The power of a hug

Hi guys, guess what i had for dinner a couple of nights back?

 Ewa agbado and fried banana.

Yup you read that right … Banana!!! It was pretty cool – and filling (which is the koko).

So I’m  grateful for adventure ..  I’m grateful for the variety that we can create with few dishes, I’m grateful for new experiences, I’m grateful for agbado (corn), I’m grateful for ewa (beans) and of course for banana (which was a pretty cool plantain substitute).


P.S. I’m now a biking pro. I think God gave me a ‘healthy’ fear of bikes so i wont get addicted to them and I’d learn how to develop patience 😀 because right now – when i can’t seem to find a taxi or bus going my way, its bike time!!!

Anyway, #GratitudeAttitude is 13 days away!!! I’m so excited 🙂 So I’m grateful for hugs and I want to share this with you guys:

What’s really special about a hug?

Does it heal, does it steal, does it really deserve appeal?

What’s really the big deal?

Does it Unite?

What really does it ignite?

I feel special by the mere sight of it

I sense shivers as of water from the pacific pouring right on me

I crave the embrace

I long for my heart to race

To the mother whose Child is in her arms

To the father praying holding on to psalms

To the boy whose seeking hope

To the girl who can barely cope

In all of this I have come to learn

That whatever we face ,Whatever our race

The message of Grace, Love and hope can simply be expressed in a simple hug’

Kolade Iwayemi

This piece is by a special friend of mine and I do believe thats the truth about a hug – that’s how powerful a hug is so be grateful for the hugs you’ve received and go out and give some more!!!

Moi ❤


Thou shall not fall

I usually say I’d rather walk ANYWHERE than take a bike! Well, Lagos is my zone plus keke napeps can help solve that problem for me and as a Lagos girl, I’m still not ashamed to say that I had never climbed a bike a.k.a. okada in my life – until today!

I waited and waited and tried to find alternate routes but Ganaija fam, God wasn’t having it so I climbed that bike and it was a pretty decent ride. I climbed like a pro and clung on to the driver for the first minute or so – I guess the guy suspected I was a JJC to bike hopping (probably until I asked him to slow down so I could adjust my skirt and he probably thought that was why I held him at first). Anyway the descent in my opinion was fine though people screamed a little but I landed well 😉

The second time today I was like a pro, up in one swift motion and down in another – though my legs wobbled a bit when I got down but I had watched how to get down so I did pretty good!!! Lol


Anyhow, I’m grateful I’m alive aand well and standing on my own two feet and that the bike men didn’t throw me away and that I’m slowly getting over my ‘bikeophobia’ (whether this last on is a good thing or not is another issue *sigh*). #GratitudeAttitude just 18 days to go …

Stay grateful!

Moi 🙂 :* ❤

My Love Word I – Day 4

Our next writer has asked to remain anonymous. Its an amazing piece and I absolutely loved it – still do. Well no intro necessary here. All I have to say is that on Val’s day I’ll post days 7 and 8 so we’ll get all caught up! Enjoy!!!

When I think of love, I think of Paris, the city of love! In Paris, PDA, public display of affection, is the in thing. It’s everywhere!!!! It might even be an offence if you have a lover and you don’t publicly display your love for him/her sef who knows? Hehehe anyways, when I see lovers holding hands or kissing or cuddling or saying I love you or calling themselves pet names, I’m like awwwwww. I think it’s really cute. Probably one of the cutest things ever. They aren’t ashamed to show the world that they’re really in love and unavailable. I just think it’s something special. I mean you can’t just hold hands with or kiss any random person on the road (except its Mario Gotze then it’s allowed :D) so obviously that person means something to you.

When I think of love, I think of spending more time than necessary with that special one. You know how in movies, when lovers are on the phone and they’re like “you hang up first” and then they’ll be arguing on who should hang up first and all, yeah I like it. I think it’s sweet, a little cheesy but still sweet. They don’t want to be separated or be apart or whatever. When someone is constantly calling just to check up on me or just to hear my voice, or just wants to spend the whole day with me whether through instant messaging or face to face, it gives me chills down my spine :$. Its one thing to love someone, and it’s another thing to love spending time with someone. Its best if it’s the person you love that you love spending time with. That’s some true love baby!!! Hehe 😀 Besides one of the ways to know people is by observing and how can you observe someone you’re hardly with? Its not everything you’re told that is true. Just saying!!

When I think of love, I think of gifts. Y’know Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or just a surprise gift on a normal day. I’m not a gold digger ooo!! As a matter of fact, it’s the littlest gifts I appreciate the most. It just shows that you know me and that you listen to me and that I’m on your mind and that’s all I ask for ;;) But that’s just me. I know people who believe the more flamboyant the better. You just have to know what the person you’re loving likes.

When I think of love, I think of somebody I can share everything with without feeling like a burden. Yuuup!! Eeevuhrythanng 😉 😉 You can only know how a person thinks and why the person thinks that way by knowing what the person has gone through or is going through and by getting to know how a person thinks, you’re getting to know the person. I hope I didn’t confuse you there? Basically, you should be able to tell what your lover likes and dislikes or what she would do or say in a particular situation. You should know the ways he/she handles correction or advice best because you know no one is perfect. You should just know each other like you know yourself. Afterall, they say “and the two shall become one”!! There’s this family friend of ours that comes to sleep over sometimes with her husband and I think they’re the coolest because even if she’s not there with her husband presently, she’s able to tell what he’s doing. She can be like “ahh he’s doing so so so and so” and then he’ll come out and say that’s what he was doing. It’s just AHMAZING!!!

I’m a sucker for the romantic!! :$ :$

When I think of love, I think of my mother, father, brother, sister, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents, basically everyone in my family both immediate and extended. The best example of family I’ve seen has to be my mum’s family. My grandpa and his brothers behave like they married the same wives. They raised their children together and in the same way. You can even mistake my aunties and uncles for my grandpa’s children. We have particular days where everyone just goes to my grandpa’s house to chill (he’s the Oloriebi-head of the family). They’re soo close to the extent that my mother can be like she doesn’t have money to pay my fees and her uncle can tell her to leave it that he’ll handle it and then her siblings would go ahead and give me pocket money. It’s just a beautiful family and I love every one of them to pieces.

When I think of love, I think of the selfless acts people do like giving kidneys or donating blood or building orphanages or giving money to the less privileged and things like that. I just think being selfless is one of those things that people should engage in at least once a month or a year. It’s a really beautiful thing to do and it’s something that gives not just you, but other people, joy. Besides God says love your neighbours as yourselves. This is a way of doing that.

When I think of love, I think of God. I mean what greater love is there? He sent his only begotten Son to die for our sins that whosoever believeth in him shall not die but have everlasting life. And all He asks for in return is that we love Him and keep His commandments. That’s true love abeg. And even when we sin or are stubborn, He’s faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness and it’s not even like He owes us. As for me, it’s only when I owe somebody that I can overlook their wrongs ooo!! He’s trying big time!!

Oya I’ve almost reached a thousand words so I’ll end. I wonder what the 419th word was. Haha anyways, when I think about love, I think of the little extra mile we go just to let some one or people know that he’s/she’s/they’re special. If you haven’t guessed, my love word is special and that’s why I mentioned some things that we do only to/for people we love or want to love. Everyone loves to feel special and I think that’s why love is such a beautiful thing. Its fills that longing to be special and for some, it can even help with their insecurities. They’re like if someone can love them then maybe they aren’t so bad afterall (I’m only guessing).  There’s nothing better than loving and being loved. I love love!! Loool!! Sha sha enjoy this season of love and if you’re a forever aloner and you have no one to show love to, you can perform selfless acts and make people feel special. It attracts people to you I tell you. Interesting people 😉 😉 Thank you on their behalf in advance and I love you:*

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Noah’s Ark Part 2?

I found this among the archives in my laptop and just knew I had to share it. I hope everyone’s been good though. January’s practically over … Time flies! Anyway be sure to check out Beneath the Smile, a project by a friend of mine and enjoy this piece.

Wow! It was some flood in Lagos on Sunday July 10th 2011 going into the week. It was not just rain that fell, it was a storm. Some people called it a hurricane … Thank God for blessed Nigeria. The only natural disaster we have is flood. And even at that, that weekend we had a glimpse of the true meaning of the world natural disaster. The Atlantic ocean was apparently overflowing … How sick is that? Anyway that’s beside the point.

What I wanted to bring to our attention is how the devil comes to work in our minds. We know the truth but sometimes we feel safer letting the devil take over our minds in the name of logical reasoning forgetting that our God is a supernatural God – He defies natural laws!!! During the rain storm that Sunday, naturally fear crept into my mind but I reminded myself of 2 Tim 1:7 and kept repeating it ‘He has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind’ and after a while I felt better. A while later, another thought popped into my head, because with all the end time signs rampant, one cannot help but think rapture is tomorrow, that the world may just end like in Noah’s time. There was probably an ark somewhere. On a normal day I’ll take this as the product of an overactive imagination but when this thought brought fear into my mind again, I knew then and there that the devil was at work – and I had to occupy my mind. First of all I assured myself that it definitely was not a repeat of the days of Noah because God made a promise then and He’s not man that He should lie neither is He the Son of man that He should repent. He’s the same God yesterday, today and forever. Therefore it could not be a repeat Noah performance.

Basically, the devil attacks us mostly through our minds, our thoughts. Many people lost their lives in that flood, some of whom won’t have known Jesus. Be a living witness wherever you are, wherever you go. Tomorrow just might be too late for that sister down the road or the brother next door. And we have to know God’s word because Satan knows it too. He can use the bible against us like he tried to do after Jesus’ 40 days fasting.

Anyway, the main message I want to pass across is always be ALERT! Because he comes to steal, kill and destroy so always be on your guard!

Another Independence Day …

Nigeria is celebrating her independence and has every right to. She is independent isn’t she? Permit me to digress a little …. What is independence? It is being free from outside control and not subject to another’s authority; in a word it’s self-governing. Is Nigeria governing herself or not? She is therefore independent and has EVERY right to celebrate so HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY DEAR NIGERIA!!!

The issue at hand now is why people don’t believe she should be celebrating. As usual, our dear Goodluck Jonathan has gotten some blame but how exactly has he contributed to the past decades without him in power? Nigerians I’ll be frank with you. Our major problem is the failure to accept responsibility; its always everyone’s fault but yours. You need to stand up and take responsibility for your actions … To move forward, DO NOT DANCE TO THE TUNE OF BLAME! If everyone took care of their own corners in the whole Nigeria, there would be a drastic improvement. True or False?

Next you are NOT Americans or British people and Nigeria isn’t America or Britain either so stop saying ‘In America, they do this so lets do this the exact  way and maybe things would work for Nigeria’. Ever heard the saying that ‘A good leader adapts basic leadership principles to his followership.’? No you haven’t because I just came up with it :-D. That’s very true though, you cannot expect a Mathematics lecturer to give you a 90 page hand-out to go and READ for exam without showing up in class once even though a Management lecturer may just come and explain another 90 page hand-out in his course and everyone gets it. It’s a basic principle of teaching manipulated to fit the course.  I tend to run off a lot right? Sorry, let me go back to the main issue. We need to stop comparing. Comparison just makes you feel inferior and not appreciate what you already have. Nigeria is blessed with no natural disaster except floods which are basically a product of poor drainage systems and bad roads. Count your blessings as a Nigerians but DO NOT DANCE TO THE TUNE OF COMPARISON! There’s nothing wrong with being motivated by the progress in developed countries to do better for Nigeria but when you start belittling our dear country, then watch it!

Another thing is that we rarely keep to our word. Forget promises made to people and consider this:

I pledge to Nigeria my country


To SERVE Nigeria with ALL my strength


I really won’t write much again. Just know that when you say this pledge you are declaring that you want to remain steadfast, showing firm and constant support to Nigeria, free of deceit, truthful and sincere. You have made a decision to perform duties and services with the greatest possible strength you can muster and to protect her wholeness maintaining high respect for her by your actions. That’s a lot to take in yeah? I’ll stop here … Naija go better but no be by mouth. Start a revolution!!!

So help me God.

Happy Independence Day people!