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Voting for a new Nigeria

Hi guys! I’m back. Today’s post is dedicated to #ANewNigeria.
First off, are you Nigerian in Nigeria and you haven’t gotten your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC)? If yes, without mincing words, I’d say you’re a part of the problem. Now go and rectify that.
I’ve wanted to write this post for a while but it’s best that it’s coming now anyway. I’ve seen the FD movement and the #JourneyToANewNigeria campaign and I am not against it but I’d like to address a few issues with this post.
First off, why is FD garnering so much support? Is it because we want ‘new blood’ in Nigeria or because we truly believe in his vision for Nigeria? One mistake Nigerians made in the last election and don’t seem to have learnt from is the ‘Anyone but (insert name here)’ mentality. From research carried out, I realised that a lot of people that voted for our current president didn’t even know what he was offering them as citizens of Nigeria. All they knew was that they didn’t want the other candidate. This is sadly the picture I’m seeing painted once again. If you would vote for FD, what is your reason? It has to be on the basis of his plan for Nigeria NOT sentiments. Nigeria wake up!!!
Another thing I’m worried about is the execution of laid down plans for Nigeria. As much as the vision and the plans are commendable, there are so many channels of approval several of them would have to go through. You can’t veto ALL of the nation’s representatives’ decisions in a Democratic nation so how would these policies be put in place if met with great opposition? Funny enough, I pictured in my head, FD sacking all the ministers and house members and then putting people there but do these people have enough government experience to strike a balance? As much as government experience might not be extremely necessary, one needs to surround himself with at least one person from whom he can draw into this wealth of experience. How do you change mindsets? I’d leave that to FD to figure out.
I obviously am not a political analyst – just a concerned Nigerian. My question really is this. Who is going to make up the Senate? Who would be our next crop of ministers? Would they be a bunch of young and inexperienced people just to prove a point? Or experienced people who don’t have the same vision as the president? Would these plans be implemented eventually? How much power really does a president have over the execution of his campaign promises? Yes, FD has had a great track record but he has also had people who believe in his vision working with him, pushing him forward. How does this translate to governing Nigeria?
There are so many questions unanswered in my mind and I am a big supporter of #RunningForANewNigeria but in all these I beg you, if you also are, to ask yourself why? Your reasons must be reasons you can hold on to no matter the outcome of the elections. This ‘movement’ to me is beyond just getting a young president into office. It’s about including you and me in governance and in issues affecting Nigeria. It’s not just about voting but also about running. It’s not just about campaigning but also about getting involved in policy making.
I should have written this when it was still fresh in my mind. Now this is the price I have to pay for procrastination (x_x).
I must reiterate that this is not an anti-FD campaign. I completely respect Mr Fela Durotoye and all he stands for. Thank you Sir for sparking the interest of people like myself in national politics. Thank you for reigniting the fire of Nigerian youth in propelling Nigeria forward.
These are just questions running through my mind.
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The power of a hug

Hi guys, guess what i had for dinner a couple of nights back?

ย Ewa agbado and fried banana.

Yup you read that right … Banana!!! It was pretty cool – and filling (which is the koko).

So I’m ย grateful for adventure .. ย I’m grateful for the variety that we can create with few dishes, I’m grateful for new experiences, I’m grateful for agbado (corn), I’m grateful for ewa (beans) and of course for banana (which was a pretty cool plantain substitute).


P.S. I’m now a biking pro. I think God gave me a ‘healthy’ fear of bikes so i wont get addicted to them and I’d learn how to develop patience ๐Ÿ˜€ because right now – when i can’t seem to find a taxi or bus going my way, its bike time!!!

Anyway, #GratitudeAttitude is 13 days away!!! I’m so excited ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m grateful for hugs and I want to share this with you guys:

What’s really special about a hug?

Does it heal, does it steal, does it really deserve appeal?

What’s really the big deal?

Does it Unite?

What really does it ignite?

I feel special by the mere sight of it

I sense shivers as of water from the pacific pouring right on me

I crave the embrace

I long for my heart to race

To the mother whose Child is in her arms

To the father praying holding on to psalms

To the boy whose seeking hope

To the girl who can barely cope

In all of this I have come to learn

That whatever we face ,Whatever our race

The message of Grace, Love and hope can simply be expressed in a simple hug’

Kolade Iwayemi

This piece is by a special friend of mine and I do believe thats the truth about a hug – that’s how powerful a hug is so be grateful for the hugs you’ve received and go out and give some more!!!

Moi โค

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Thou shall not fall

I usually say I’d rather walk ANYWHERE than take a bike! Well, Lagos is my zone plus keke napeps can help solve that problem for me and as a Lagos girl, I’m still not ashamed to say that I had never climbed a bike a.k.a. okada in my life – until today!

I waited and waited and tried to find alternate routes but Ganaija fam, God wasn’t having it so I climbed that bike and it was a pretty decent ride. I climbed like a pro and clung on to the driver for the first minute or so – I guess the guy suspected I was a JJC to bike hopping (probably until I asked him to slow down so I could adjust my skirt and he probably thought that was why I held him at first). Anyway the descent in my opinion was fine though people screamed a little but I landed well ๐Ÿ˜‰

The second time today I was like a pro, up in one swift motion and down in another – though my legs wobbled a bit when I got down but I had watched how to get down so I did pretty good!!! Lol


Anyhow, I’m grateful I’m alive aand well and standing on my own two feet and that the bike men didn’t throw me away and that I’m slowly getting over my ‘bikeophobia’ (whether this last on is a good thing or not is another issue *sigh*). #GratitudeAttitude just 18 days to go …

Stay grateful!

Moi ๐Ÿ™‚ :* โค