And when I die


What drew my attention to this book ‘And when I die’ is the fact that it was tagged ‘A Nigerian Romance novel’. I give the author, Wunmi Ibukun Sanyaolu a thumbs up for incorporating Nigerian props as much as possible. I felt though that the book was not completely Nigerian especially the end but then again all the ‘ajebo’ children can do that. It is a very good start if I must say so but I think the proper use of grammar and punctuation should be checked. That’s a problem easily solved in editing. For a short story, it was pretty good. Its just about 30 pages, click  here to read it yourself!

I liked little Ama but I would have appreciated a little more character development. Like I said, she got away with a lot because its her first book and its a short story. I wish her the best in her writing!!!

P.S. If it doesn’t open, don’t hold me responsible 🙂 but you can mail me at and I’ll send you a copy of the e-book.

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