Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Karen Kingsbury‘s ‘Shades of Blue’ is one book I have been looking for for a while. She deals with two sensitive issues – Abortion and Forgiveness and I admire her courage for that. Some people may argue that there are parts of the story that feel ‘repeated’ but in my opinion we need to see specific points of view. I’m a firm supporter of her ‘Forever in Fiction’ project and I loved the way she immortalized Frankie, Kristin and Cassandra.

Forgiveness is one major issue we struggle with which we never fully understand – it’s just one of those things but love can make it an easier process and opening up to the possibility that one can be forgiven. I’ll write a Forgiveness post soon. Anyway, abortion is something else – I am very PRO-LIFE. I have a friend whose mum gave birth to her at 19 and I cant imagine what could have been.

All in all, its a story that’ll make you reflect on choices made and reevaluate yourself – Are you really concerned or you’re just waiting to judge?

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