Startling Beauty

Startling Beauty

I just finished Heather Gemmen’s ‘Startling Beauty’ and the story moved me. Its a true story – her story – from rape to restoration. Its a book I couldn’t put down not because the characters were extraordinary. Far from it – they were normal people like you and I. I couldn’t put it down because this is a story that contains situations that REAL people experience. It has reactions that REAL people give but at the end of the day, God should be your guide.

One lesson I learnt is that, no matter what we should be open to God’s direction and obey. I’ll end with a quote from the book:
‘ I have been startled by beauty in places it does not belong. I see it on a bloodied cross, and bitterness loses its power.’
Its hard definitely but we have to learn to look up, let go and let God. 🙂

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