Times and Seasons

Times and Seasons

I started this series by Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock reading each book as a separate novel and by the time I got to Times and Seasons and saw book 3 I was pleasantly surprised! The story seemed unfinished somehow so I was excited to get started. One major thing I’ve learnt is Action and Consequences. Sometimes a ‘little mistake’ or a ‘just for fun’ stunt can have ultimately defining consequences – not just on you but on those around you as well but you can either choose to make the most of whatever situation it is or whine and complain all through.

Love is another theme I can’t overlook in this book. From a mother’s love which is instinctively protective albeit overly protective sometimes to true love that is willing to wait. I need to get started on the fourth book so I can finish it today. Later 🙂


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