Whatever Tomorrow Brings

This book is simply amazing. It is a combination of family, perseverance and love with Christian values. I enjoyed the fact that because the characters were Christian did not mean they were flawless as some people like to believe. It just showed how, in their weaknesses, they allowed God take control and they loved each other even more as a family. Its a very realistic story unlike most Christian novelist’s which take an abstract ‘out-of-this-world’ approach to telling a story that the readers cannot really relate to.

The major subject matter I got is that hardships don’t necessarily have to be a breaking point – they can be blessings in disguise. You can use your trials as a stepping stone to another level. Next is the value of family! No matter what, love each other just the way you are and have each other’s back! This is the first book in the series and I cant wait to read the others!!!

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