The Challenge

A friend of mine – click here to see who – challenged me to a 90 day write-o-war. I like keeping you guys in the loop so I’ll post every nine days. It means that I’ll post 10 times for those that are interested in reading. I’ll post the entries with the earliest ones at the bottom but there’ll be a link to the top after every few posts so wherever you stop you can go back to the top. Have fun reading!

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December 31st

Today’s the last day of ‘The Challenge!’ It ended up being 92 days not 90. Oh well, its all good 🙂
Today’s also the last day of the month and the year!!! Whats the big difference between ‘Love ya’ and ‘I love you’? It was such a random question that popped into my head.

I guess ‘Love ya’ to me is more like ‘See ya’ or ‘Later’ and ‘I love you’ is the magic three letter phrase. Anyway, basically be careful how you use words because one babe that you’ve friend zoned may just hear ‘Love ya’ and interpret it is as my ‘I love you!’
Haha! Happy new year in advance 🙂

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December 30th

I can do the impossible, I can see the invisible because I got faith, I can climb  on mountains, I can reach my goal, I’ve got victory all because I’ve got faith.

You are a victor all the time
You are a success not a failure
You are a winner not a loser
You are the head and not the tail
You are what God says you are

Your name is not what you are called but what you answer to.

December 29th

Music is like medicine. I was an advocate for mood music some time back but ultimately playing songs that talk about death when one is feeling suicidal will only serve as a catalyst to motivate you even more.

Praise songs never go out of style. 🙂 I know you know that I know that I’m praise crazy! 😀 Get your praise on people!!!

December 28th

We often talk about faith time and time again but do we live it?

Faith is reaching the end of your boundaries and taking another step. It is leaping before you calculate the distance of the jump. But don’t confuse faith for foolishness. God has made available the spirit of wisdom for you so ask Him to be able to discern.

Remember though, to receive the miraculous, you might have to do the ridiculous!

December 27th

The year’s almost over so it’s evaluation time. One thing you should ask yourself first and always is DID I LIVE THIS LIFE FOR ME OR CHRIST?

That would determine how you move forward, set goals for the new year and stick to them (SMART goals)!

December 26th

Its the day after! In the spirit of the season, I want to appreciate my family. You can choose your friends but you’re stuck with family forever!
I love my family to pieces!!! And I thank God for putting me right where I am because circumstances and people shape a person.
Appreciate those around you while you have them and cherish every single moment because you don’t know what’s gonna happen next!

December 25th

Merry Christmas everyone. May the reason for the season which is Christ Jesus be prominent in your homes. May the joy of the season be full in your house. May the blessings of the season be abundant in your life.

Merry Christmas again!!!

December 24th

Christmas isn’t really in the air this year. I have no idea why. To me its just a reminder to ‘keep the main thing, the main thing’. Remember that Jesus is the reasoon for the season so it doesn’t matter whether you ‘feel’ Christmas or not as long as you’re filled with Christ!

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December 23rd

True no one is indispensable. You should however strive to make yourself valuable such that your absence would be missed and your visits or eventual return anticipated.

December 22nd

You should be true to your word.

Thats mymessage for today. Airlines that can’t be trusted to be on time, people that cant be trusted to show up on time. Be responsible for yourself and build up a trustworthy image! Be the one that can be counted on!!!

December 21st

Finally done with exams and leaving here today!!! They say home is where the heart is … Well my heart don remove from here tey tey! No matter how hard it is to be with family or how much y’all fight, you’re stuck together for life so deal with it.
Everyone knows I love my family to pieces and I’m going home baby! Always remember as you move from place to place, one family where you always can find members is God’s. Don’t forsake the assembly of brethren. Fellowship with other believers helps you to grow and stay grounded in God’s word!

December 20th

He is the King that was not born by a queen; the Lamb that never grew into a sheep; the Lion that was never a cub; the Creator that was not created; the very essence of life; the King that was never recognised by His people, yet He chose to give Himself for them; God Himself humanified; He came in the simplest of forms, to confound the wise of this world; HE IS JESUS, The reason for the season.

December 19th

I know some of you will say what I did today was foolish but in the end it couldn’t have had a better result. I was having a conversation with someone and she started insulting me. On a normal day I would have lashed out back or walked out but I continued what I was doing, smiling at her. The only time I opened my mouth was to tell her to switch back to English so I’d understand what she was saying. X_X

At the end of the day, she came back and apologized to me. Assuming I lashed out, she wouldn’t have realized her mistake and we would have gone on with grudges in both our hearts. Its hard but sometimes we really do need to ‘turn the other cheek’ but if someone’s pushing you around, please stand up for yourself!

December 18th

Shut up and give! Yes, that’s what I learnt in church today … Shut up and just give!!! (And yes I know today’s Tuesday :p)

We usually come up with reasons not to give:

– We don’t owe the poor

– The poor are cursed and we don’t want the curse upon us as well.

– Some say they are students and not earning anything but we have our ‘chop’ money a.k.a. allowance a.k.a pocket money a.k.a ‘Where did it all go to?’

– Sometimes its spouse disagreement (I have no thoughts on this atm as to whether or not its a legitimate excuse.)

– Donation encourages laziness – Afterall you should teach the man to fish not just give him fish all the time!

Why not come up with a few reasons to give and stick with ’em or just plain say ‘Jesus had a giving ministry’ and I wanna be Christ-like so SHUT UP AND GIVE!!!

December 17th

There’s a huge difference between nagging and follow up. As a leader or a human being in general, when you delegate, you should be able to strike a balance between monitoring the progress of your delegates and leaving them to work on their delegated tasks.

It is one thing to set deadlines for yourself and another to set deadlines for people. If there are no immediate or material rewards, some people cannot necessarily be bothered. On the other hand, some people are so eager to meet the deadline that they are done (and a good job at that) well ahead of time.

Basically, in dealing with people and delegating responsibilities, you have to understand the people you are working with and work accordingly.

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December 16th

Its one thing to say ‘I’ll try’ and another to actually do it. The same way it’s one thing to read God’s word, another to study it and another yet to meditate on it. Its a whole other ball game to practice and live it as well!

We always pray that we should not only be hearers of the word but doers also so put your money where your mouth is!

December 15th

It was awesome day today. I want to use this opportunity to encourage you all to be Christmas miracles in someone’s life this season.
I was at an orphanage today and had so much fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long because I got there late. Again remember, the devil tries to steal your joy just when its about to run over! I was dancing and jumping and praising today – We literally raised the dust off the ground 😀 – and I started coughing. I almost couldn’t breathe but then I went outside and made up my mind that I would praise anyhow and I felt better almost immediately!!!

December 14th

God did not promise a smooth take off, what He promised is a safe landing. We have to trust Him through the rain and the storm, through the turbulence in the air and know that at the end of the day He’ll bring us safely to our final destination.

December 13th

Laugh so hard that sorrow smiles at you, Fight so strong that fate accepts defeat and love so hard that hatred walks out of the way!
And pray – about everything and anything! Let God be your absolute best friend!!! 🙂

December 12th

Your vision must begin with Gods priorities, it connects with your needs, your identity, your passion and must be bigger than you in that it makes an impact on lives around you and should have eternal value.

To accomplish your vision, never lose sight of the future. Always make sure you weigh your needs as immediate versus ultimate needs.

Key points:

  • Have a clear vision of where you are going
  • Follow up your vision with consistent prayer
  • Passion sustains your vision
    Remember that lack of vision limits your perspective of your abilities.

December 11th

The purpose of accusation is to stop the accused from fulfilling his destiny. Don’t forgive and it’ll eat you from the inside out!!!

December 10th

People always complain about having too many haters and all. Remember that God prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies so rejoice when you have enemies because I believe the more enemies you have, the longer your table.

Don’t go out and make enemies o! I didn’t send you message :p

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December 9th

Yesterday was another awesome day! It was the International Student’s Carol Service in my school. I wasn’t there at the beginning but from when I went it was really powerful. especially the praise and worship session.
Y’all know I’m praisy crazy 🙂 What really tripped me was ‘The birth of Jesus: Warri version.’ It was sort of a call to evangelism. If they could come up with the birth of Jesus to share it that way, why can’t you go out and reach out to people not in your usual circles – your comfort zone.

Share the gospel, share the word, share the love!

December 8th
Election fever! Human beings can complain, critique and analyze but still make no move to do anything about it.

My room mates over analyzed the candidates and election results (Ghana elections) but did they go out to vote? No! If you want a change, you have to be an instrument of change. Get the change you want to see going or be a part of it. Their votes may not have counted but ultimately the fact that they were part of that process gives them a right to talk.

Don’t be all air and no action. Let your deeds match your words and vice versa. Practice what you preach!

December 7th

I’m missing The Experience this year again 😥 It’s gonna be awesome – Deitrick Haddon’s coming to Nigeria again. There’s Fred Hammond and Micah Stampley as well. The atmosphere is going to be so charged with the presence of God.
Don’t fret. That’s not the only place that atmosphere can be created. Worship God in your room and create an atmosphere of worship, as you’re driving in the car, be in tune with God’s spirit and let His presence surround you. This is a very easy DIY lesson. The only condition is that you have to be in tune with the Holy Spirit.

P.S. DIY: Do it yourself 🙂

December 6th

Sometimes you feel like you have no friends or you’re in a particular position and you’re the only one doing the right thing. Remember that ‘Other birds fly in flock but eagles fly alone.’ You wanna soar like an eagle? You have to take a stand alone sometimes so ask yourself ‘What do I want to be?’

December 5th

Obey your parents in the Lord. Notice the condition – IN THE LORD! This means that you should obey your parents such that God is glorified. Its hard sometimes especially without godly parents but God’s grace is available.

Another thing is that in trying to be peaceful, we sometimes bend over backwards and vex the holy soirit by compromising so the same principle applies. Keep peace with man only to God’s glory

December 4th

1Cor 13

Love is long suffering and is kind; love does not envy; love does not boast in itself; love is not puffed up.

It does not behave itself unseemly, or seek its own interest, it is not easily provoked, does not think evil.

It does not rejoice in sin but rejoices in the truth;

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,endures all things.

Love never fails!!!

December 3rd

Little by little
Inch by inch
By the yard its hard
By the inch what a cinch
Never stare up the stairs
Just step up the steps
Little by little
Inch by inch

Everything no matter how big it may seem, starts with a small step so take a step today – That’s the only way to move!

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December 2nd

The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.

December 1st

It’s the last month of year 2012 and our 90 days deadline’s almost here. Phew! I learnt a lot about purpose today that I’d like to share. I’m too lazy to type it at the moment so I’ll post it in a couple of days. 🙂 Just click here!!!

November 30th

When you come together with friends to hang out, what do you guys talk about? I know you gist and all but try one of these days to ‘gist Jesus’; it really does help!

November 29th

The natural thing in Africa is to pray against those enemies in the village once you experience any form of delay in your life. It’s possible to pray amiss and your prayer won’t be answered so I’ll just give three reasons for delay here.

– Your own sin (Isaiah 59:1-2)

Confess your sin to God. He says He will forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

–  The words of your mouth (Exodus 8:9-10)

God may want to work something in your life NOW but then when you ask, you say you want it tomorrow

– The Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13)

Now this is the one we all want to be familiar with – the devil can arrange for a delay in your answers so feel free to call for an angel and send him to help.

Whatever the cause for delay, check yourself first and pray against the prince of persia, you will move forward at God’s own time in Jesus name 🙂

November 28th

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect will. I mean it’s way better to be the standard than to strive for most outstanding!

November 27th

If you don’t know my pain, you’ll never understand my praise! Never despise someone else’s praise. Remember Michal, David’s wife? She was barren forever for despising his praise IN HER HEART!

November 26th

Click here for today’s post. Its on examination excellence with a few tips for the ‘pre-exam’ period!

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November 25th

Do you ever really let go? Here’s a poem I came across and decided to share. Enjoy!

As children bring their broken toys
With tears for usto mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God,
because He is my friend.
But then instead of leaving Him
in peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help,
with ways that were my own.
At last, I snatched them back again
and cried, ‘How can you be so slow?’

‘My child’ He said, ‘What could I do?

You never did let go.’

Please let’s learn to let go and let God take over.

November 24th

I think I’ve eaten enough cake! Ahnahn wetin?
But I ain’t complaining … When you celebrate with others it increases your joy. Trust me … You can’t celebrate with others and be sad.

One of the best remedies to depression: Celebrate with someone – Doctor’s orders! 😉

November 23rd

I met the cutest monkeys today – Yup monkeys! Two things I learnt from them:

  • You can stay in the same place, look alike but then turn out differently. People usually say that you are a product of your environment and this is true to an extent because you have a degree of influence over your reactions to situations!
  • Secondly, you have to mix with people – You can’t survive on your own because man is a social being. If you decide to make yourself an island, you just might die and your body stumbled upon!

November 22nd

How are you defined?

By the world …

  • Body shape and physical beauty
  • Physical/Intellectual ability
  • Popularity
  • Your ‘Stuff’ (Wealth)
  • Takes: Ravages your life


By God:

  • He formed you and made you
  • He gives Strength and wisdom
  • He loves you
  • He provides for you
  • Gives Life: Died for you

By what standard are you defined?

November 21st

Happiness is a decision. Its usually a direct reflection of situations around but its still a choice.

The best time to be happy is ‘Now’ and there is no time that isn’t ‘Now’!

November 20th

I saw this today:

Never forget three sets of people in your life:

1. Those who HELPED YOU in difficult times

2. Those who LEFT YOU in difficult times

3. Those who PUT YOU in difficult times!

Yes forgive quite alright but still apply wisdom in all your dealings.

November 19th

Are you shining or sitting? – A call to spiritual growth

– Are you an epitome of wisdom and faith?

– Are you on the Lord’s side? (Joshua 24:15)

– Are you ready to gather with the Lord? (Matthew 12:13)

– Is your mind made up to quit sin? (1John 3:9)

– Are you ready to lay down everything and suffer with Christ? (Hebrews 2:10)

– Are you ready to quit the excuses? (Hebrews 5:13-6:2)

God is calling you to purification and sanctification. Your perfection lies in your suffering. When you are ready to suffer, you are ready to be made perfect.

NOW is the time to choose and refuse – Choose God and refuse the devil!

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November 18th

The importance of family cannot be overemphasized. Be it your biological family or adopted family. Human  beings thrive on love and where there is abundance of love, it only follows logically that there is abundance of growth and joy.
I thank God for the families I have in school. Generally as a whole, I particularly want to appreciate my ‘mama’s’ – Miss Tonye Allen, Miss Amaka Ogbonna, Miss Glory Mornu and Miss Chioma Ndobu. I just love you guys. Thanks for taking care of me. You’re awesome 🙂

November 17th

I know too many people who had their birthdays today. Celebrations!!! Its wonderful when you have people around you with something to celebrate so you celebrate with them. When you love someone, you want to share in their joy and ease them out of their sadness.
May celebrations never cease in your home in Jesus name. Always have a reason to celebrate each day. Can’t find one? Try ‘Thank you Lord I’m alive to see another day!’ 🙂

November 16th

There’s a significance for anointing. It empowers you for something. You need to be empowered to do something God has sent you to do and that’s the main purpose of anointing – Serving as a symbol of God’s power or presence.

Another thing is God follows protocol. He goes through a certain chain of command whereby the hierarchy of authority is clearly stated as the oil ‘flows from Aaron’s head to his beard to his robe …’ (paraphrased).

November 15th

What does your bible look like?

Very neat and organized with little or no markings in it a.k.a brand new?


Worn out, with different colors in it in different places ad some pages a lil’ bent due to overturning a.k.a well read?

What does your bible look like?

November 14th

The lyrics of ‘More Beautiful You’ by Jonny Diaz are awesome. I just put the chorus here – So don’t change you for anyone!

There could never be a more beautiful you
Don’t buy the lies, disguises and hoops, they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you

November 13th

Jesus is:

  • Prince of Peace – He’ll make you free from disturbance, anxiety and worry.
  • King of Joy – He’ll give you full satisfaction and great pleasure.
  • Lord of Hope – He’ll give you a cause to expect and desire more!

November 12th

The value of something is determined by how much you are willing to give up for it.
God gave His all, His only son to give His LIFE for us. That’s how much you’re worth and don’t you ever forget that!

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November 11th

This time last year, there were a couple of people I had around me that I havent seen in a really long while. I have no idea if I’m ever going to see them again. I understand now the importance of letting those around you know that they are important in your life – Say it and Show it! You don’t know who’s gonna be gone by tomorrow. Let me say I appreciate my critics, you make me a better writer, my family, you guys love me no matter what, my friends, tough on me yet love me senseless 🙂 and finally every single person who’s ever read or liked or commented on a post, thanks for your support guys!

November 10th

You want to fully possess your possessions? Here are three things to avoid:

v Selfishness: Deny yourself

v Greed of any form

v Desperation and unnecessary worry

It seems like a silly list when you think about it but ultimately avoiding these three makes you NOT CARNAL. Once you deny your flesh its pleasures, your spirit man takes over!

November 9th

All work and no play makes Shay a dull gal!

It was my faculty’s socializing trip today and I had fun. Everything in moderation they say so don’t over read and don’t over play! Find a balance.

One secret to success in life is striking a balance in everything!

November 8th

One secret of overcoming sin is Power Confessions.

Here are a few you can apply any day any time:

v Sin has no dominion over me for I am not under the law but under grace (Romans 6:14)

v I have no obligation to sin. I am indebted but to Jesus Christ (Romans 8:12)

v Satan get thee behind me (Matthew 16:23)

v Whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world (1John 2:15, 5:4)

v I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus (Colossians 1:14)

v I have overcome by the blood of Jesus (Revelation 12:11)

Whatever you believe, once you confess it, it becomes a spirit being with potency and power to work. Remember your authority alone means nothing to the devil. He respects God’s authority so you need His backing!

November 7th

To keep your dream you must:

– Be determined

– Resourcefully prepared

– Have an enduring desire for excellence

– Aspire diligently

– Grow intentionally i.e. let it be your decision to grow. Don’t let circumstances make/force you to grow.

Be careful so that your dream is not still born, miscarried, aborted or even born prematurely.

November 6th

I’ve heard ‘I trust no one so why should I trust a God I can’t see’. Their arguments may seem valid to some but check this out:

– You trust your drivers to take your kids to school safely

– You trust those fast food joint cooks not to poison your food

– You trust your hairdresser/barber with your whole head!

– You trust that store to have what you need

– You trust me enough to read to this point

There are lots of ‘trusts’ you put out there even though you say don’t want to so please, this sounds wrong right now in my head but, take a chance on trusting God! I promise, He’ll never let you down.

November 5th

I saw this and had to share it:

A basket ball in my hands = $19
In Michael Jordan’s hands = $33million

A baseball in my hands = $6

In Roger Clemens’ hands = $475million

A tennis racket in my hands = Useless
In Andre Agassi’s hands = Millions

Rod in my hand = Keeping angry dog away
In Moses’ hand = Parted red sea

Slingshot in my hand = Kid’s toy

In David’s hand = A mighty weapon

2 fish and five loaves in my hand = Couple of sandwiches

In Jesus’ hands = Fed 5000 with 12 baskets of leftovers

Nails in my hand = Woodwork project

In Jesus’ hand = Salvation for the world

It depends on whose hands its in so surrender your worries and your cares and leave them in the Master’s hands!!!

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November 4th

Today, we celebrated the first anniversary of Awake Youth Liberation Club. Its a really great project.

Mission: To reach out to the less privilege, the poor and the hungry by organizing various outreaches. To reach out to the lost and those weak in faith by teaching them the word of God and how to stand as effective witnesses of Christ where ever they are.

Help someone today. Your one naira/dollar/cedi/euro/pound/CFA (or any other currency) would go a long way!

November 3rd

Train a woman, build a home! Rubies – We are jewels of inestimable value. Remember the bible says in Proverbs 31 that the price of a virtuous woman is far above rubies? Well, yours is too if you are a virtuous woman. It goes beyond being a virgin or keeping yourself for marriage but in the little everyday things as a woman, do you excel?

Can you manage your time or you’re always in a hurry from one activity to the next?

Can you manage your money or you’re always ‘broke’?

Can you manage your resources or its never enough?

Can you manage yourself or its always ‘they made me …’?

Can you be trusted or your case is ‘don’t count on it – be happy if she shows’?

Think about this, are you really a virtuous woman?

November 2nd

Trust, trust in the Lord

Lean not on your own understanding

In all all of your ways, acknowledge Him

He’ll make your path straight.

For He is King of all Kings

Lord of all Lords,

He is mighty – the Alpha and Omega

He is Beginning and End

Faithful God

All I know is I’m on His side.

November 1st

Its a new month and almost the end of the year!

I just want to say today that you shouldn’t take anyone for granted. Forget taking people for granted! You should be civil to everyone and respect those you come across because no one knows tomorrow.

Ever heard the saying that ‘Those you step on on your way up are those you’ll see when you come crashing down’? (I paraphrased a bit and I don’t know who to quote on that).

My loves, be nice!!!

October 31st

The power of declaration is amazing. Waking up early in the morning and commanding your day has far reaching effects!
I challenge you to get up early, speak into your day and believe it. It has an awesome effect!

October 30th

Sibling rivalry is very common especially when the kids are about the same age but have you ever considered ‘friend rivalry’. Two friends striving for the attention of another friend. It’s amazing though how we sometimes unconsciously try to show each other up so that we gain the approval of someone else.
In all, be careful! Yes, its natural though some people are born with that natural aura of dominance, but we need to be careful so as not to hurt anyone or lose ourselves in the process.

October 29th

Everyone is looking for someone to love them no matter what at least once in their lifetime!

Look no further – Jesus already loved you even before you loved Him and He still does so look no further.

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October 28th

Why do we go to church?
Is it because of the praise and worship session?
Is it because of that person in the choir who has an amazing voice?
Is it because that pastor’s sermons always bless you?
Is it because all your friends go there?
Is it because the p you’re setting is sort of connected to that church?
Is it to have fellowship with other brethren?
Is it to have an encounter with God?
Is it for any other reason?
Evaluate yourself today and ask ‘Why do I go to church?’

October 27th

Prayer is the key
Prayer is the key
Prayer is the master key
Jesus started with prayer
And ended with prayer
Prayer is the master key.

If Jesus started and ended with prayer, why don’t you need it?

October 26th

Material possessions seemingly run the world today! Society seemingly responds to you based on ‘Who is your father?’ or ‘How far can you go?’ but you don’t have to succumb to the world. Stand out!

If God is for me … Tell me who can be against me?

October 25th

There are some things of which the more you have, the more you want principle applies. It applies to ‘chin-chin’, kalyppo, the red pringles and a few other things for me. The law of diminishing returns fails to apply here!

As God is a supernatural God, He defies the natural laws. Therefore the law of diminishing returns doesn’t apply to Him as well. He wants you to want Him more the more you know Him. It’s kind of hard to imagine but when you start getting to know God, you’ll understand that feeling – only pray NEVER to lose that feeling of I want more of you!!!

October 24th

A faith worth having is a faith worth sharing. When you want to evangelize to a total stranger and you don’t know what to do, let Jesus be your guide from John 4:7-26.

  • Establish common crowd v.7
  • Stir their spiritual interest and curiosity v.9-14
  • Be gracious and sensitive when confronting their sin. Don’t attack v.16-19
  • Keep the conversation centered on the main issue v.21-24
  • Confront them with the gospel truth! v.26

Above all let the Holy Spirit be your guide.

October 23rd

Be anxious for nothing! The whole class today was tense trying to get in last minute studying for an exam but my darling Annie and I were taking pictures 😀 (Don’t go and say I said don’t study o!) The thing is half the class was studying out of fear.
Fear is either – Forget everything and run
Or – Face everything and rise
Its your choice! 🙂

October 22nd

Okay so I wore a dress to class today and I had NO touch of black 🙂 I felt sort of uncomfortable at first but after a while I got used to it and stopped paying attention.
The major factor of my adjustment was the compliments I got. People can be really nice sometimes 😀 Anyway a compliment goes a long way to brighten a person’s day. If you’re too shy to compliment someone (especially if you like that person – I know its twisted), just smile. Its the best gift – Its free and you get to keep it when you give it away 😀

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October 21st

I almost didn’t go to church today with all the dancing and jumping of yesterday! But I got my ass out of bed and moved to church. Whatever you do is your decision. I could have chosen to stay in bed and rested but I chose to get up and go because I made the decision the previous day to stay out as late as I did even after all the praise craze!!!
Ultimately Gal 6:5, YOU and no one else are responsible for your actions.

October 20th

Today was awesome. The power of praise is amazing. I know I’ve probably said this somewhere before but ‘trouble does try to break you just before your break through!’ I was sick this morning like ‘couldn.t even sit up in bed’ sick and this evening I was dancing away. I even took my shoes off to dance properly :-p 🙂
Praise is a powerful weapon. There’s the before praise, during praise and after praise. In other words, always praise.
Before praise or yet praise is praising God even though He has not started doing the particular thing you want in your life (more like you’re not seeing His work yet). During praise is praising Him because He’s started even if you haven’t seen the results yet. After praise is what we’re most used to – Praise Him when He has done wonders in your life.
Basically remember that in praising God, you should praise Him in advance as well!!!

October 19th

When you dislike someone, everything they do begins to annoy you.
The most constant thing in life is change, yet it’s one of the hardest.
You can pray amiss but you can’t praise amiss!
Things you are being denied always, all of a sudden, seem very inviting.

October 18th

Reputation involves the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. These are built over a period of time and are usually generally true. There is a saying that ‘There is no smoke without fire!’ Even false reputations have their origin somewhere so be careful how you project yourself so you don’t get a reputation you won’t be proud of.
Another thing, in all you do apply wisdom. There are always two basic ways to get a message across – confrontational means or dropping hints. Even in confrontations, be POLITE! Stand firm for your convictions but be polite. Sometimes you may even have to walk away if it becomes an argument because the purpose has been defeated.

October 17th

I know I wrote about judging people yesterday so you guys may be a little shocked at what I have today. It’s INSTINCT! We shouldn’t judge yeah? But at the same time, we should be careful. Our instincts are very powerful mind tools – You may be right, you may be wrong. Meet people without a predetermined image in your mind in case they don’t live up to it or sometimes, in case they actually do. In situations when you have ‘heard their gist’, it’s hard not to imagine what they are like but still be open to surprises and I want to stress this part BE CAREFUL!!!

October 16th

Judging people comes naturally. Some of us even do it for fun. Ever played ‘Guess their Story’? You judged them to guess their story – True or False? Is it not due to the fact that she has on tattered clothes and is being escorted by a police officer that you guessed that she’s a druggie/prostitute caught in a raid? Ever wondered whether she was being raped and saved just in time or she was a victim of domestic violence and finally decided to speak up?
Well, I’m guilty of the same offense. As much as I pride myself in not being a judgmental person and being open to people before coming to my conclusions, I was appalled when I thought about the way I treated my new roommate when she first arrived. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t hurt her physically nor was I mean to her. I wasn’t accommodating either. I went round complaining to my friends about everything she’d done wrong so far not acknowledging the fact that she’s in first year and so may actually need a period of adjustment to the ‘university life’.
In short, what I’m saying is that be careful how you judge people. You may not know you’re condemning them or somewhat rejecting them but your actions speak louder than any words you can utter and your silence also speaks volumes.

October 15th

Virgin forests are forests that have never been disturbed. They are almost always at the climax status. No, this is not a misplaced entry and no, I’m not typing a lecture note. The fact that trees in the wet evergreen forests are ever green does not mean that they never shed their leaves. It just means that there is always growth. When one plant is shedding its leaves, another is growing. Still trying to figure out where I’m going with this? I’m getting there …
Our lives were meant to be like the virgin forest without the disturbance of sin or problems and such but when Adam and Eve sinned, there was a sort of ‘virus’ that began to spread in the forest. This epidemic started from a few forest plants and spread to the whole forest eating into organisms rooted there. Then Jesus, the great ecologist came and cleared the land to start the forest over because he knew that most of those plans were condemned even before they grew to maturity.
It is definitely no longer a virgin forest but was transformed into an evergreen forest. Even at times when it feels like things are falling apart and a part of you is ‘shedding leaves’, remember another part is sprouting – growing into something beautiful to add colour to your forest.
Remember also that these plants will always grow their leaves back and greener at that!!!!

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October 14th

Balance is key in life. Even the human body has a balancing system using the ear. Like I said in today’s quickie, moderation is key. Being involved in a lot of activities, as much as it keeps you too busy to have time for frivolities, can be detrimental.
I know that ‘the idle mind is the devil’;s workshop’ but an overworked mind leads to a stressed individual which usually brings in irritation or complaints and dissatisfaction. The more stressed a person is, the more likely they are to over-react even in the most rational situations. Again, a stressed person is more likely to break down mentally or even physically (health wise). In other words, “jeje l’aye je” (You have to read to the end if you want a translation) and we have to live one day at a time. Don’t be involved in everything and be everywhere but in what you do, do your best!!!
Jeje l’aye je – Life is about being careful
By the way I struggled to translate that!!!

October 13th

There are friends and there are friends. There’s a friend who sticks closer than a brother. His name’s Jesus and He’s awesome. One thing I really don’t like is lying to me and this Jesus guy, He never lies. Basically, if friends leave you, or try to use you, if family deserts you or you feel taken advantage of, there’s always Jesus He’s my new best friend. Oh and music!!! 😀 Music soothes the soul.
That is the very reason why one needs to be careful with the kind of music you listen to. Music is past physical, it gets to the soul. I know you love music but are you on the right diet?

October 12th

Working for God is a blessing in itself. Having the privilege to serve Him is awesome. Sometimes we may get carried away or confused somewhat by the ‘stress’ of this work but ultimately God rewards those that diligently seek Him. Stay true to the end so that you can say you have run a good race and finished it and Christ will say ‘Well done’ and ‘Welcome’.

October 11th

Don’t take it for granted that you are alive. Just know that you are blessed and highly favored. That’s all I have to say today.

October 10th

Sometimes things happen that make us think that our situations are the worst in the world. Believe me; someone somewhere has it worse than you do. Just stand upon God’s promise that ‘He will not give you more than you can bear’. The first part of that verse (1Cor 10:13) says No temptation has ceased you except what is common to man. In other words there is nothing new under the sun. So smile and grin and praise God because whatever you have is just right for you leading you to and grooming you for the plan He has for you.

October 9th

Out with the old and in with the new is such an easy statement to make. It is however painful to get rid of the old. For some reason, the skin below my foot was peeling and it really irritated me so I decided to pull it off. That was a big mistake – it became really painful and I couldn’t pull it all off which made it ugly as well. It was also difficult to walk. That’s when it hit me! Sometimes things may seem ugly when the old is falling off for the new to take over and we get impatient and try to peel it off or fast-forward the process but take your time. Your new skin will definitely grow in its time and things will be much more beautiful than they were before.

Imagine taking all the ingredients in a cake separately – raw egg, flour or maybe even the yeast. You would say that’s disgusting right? Mixing them all together and passing them through heat brings out the beautiful and delicious cake! Many times we wonder why God would let us go through difficult and bad times but He knows that when He puts these things in His order, they always work for good.

Trust Him, love Him and serve Him remembering His promise that ‘All things work together for the good of them that love Him’

October 8th

Transformation is a miracle, change is a process. Why on earth has this message been ringing in my mind since Saturday when I heard it. I’ve asked for this miracle, I’ve believed but have I indeed listened to the instruction? I just started wondering what exactly has changed since I heard that message. Nothing really – I mean I’m more conscious of stuff and try as much as possible to avoid situations that would not glorify Christ but what have I done? What have I given up? What have I sacrificed for the transformation fire to consume? Its like the fire started and the fuel kept dying but I had to feed it with things that needed to be consumed.

Change requires starting the fire over and over again each time it dies to burn something else but with transformation I have to throw them all in and let them be consumed at once. There is no question that I feel like I’m ready but am I really?

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 October 7th

The dynamic man is the man that constantly renews his mind. In the world today, most people suffer from lack of Christ in their lives. Those that don’t are divided into two groups – the sick and the well and growing. The sick people suffer from religious anorexia – loss of appetite for Christ which is as a result of mind pollution. The mind of a man is his powerhouses – its more powerful than the brain – trust me!

Being dynamic is a thing of the mind. Consider these:

–    Input determines output (Proverbs 23:7)

–    Out of your mind comes the issues of life (Proverbs 6:23)

–    Having the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Starting with the first point, it is a general rule of life that what you feed something or someone determines what they produce, how they appear or how they grow. The mind is like that – feed it with things that will edify your spirit. As a result, positivity flows out of your mind. Philippians 4:8 has characteristics of things you should fill your mind with. If in doubt, throw it out!!!

We all know that out of the abundance of our hearts, our mouths speaketh right? Well the ‘thoughts’ of your heart are from your mind. What you have in your mind determines how you react to different situations. Renew your mind consciously – Make a decision to do just that (Proverbs 12:2).

Finally, you have the mind of Christ so you are dynamic. Plain and simple! Sound mind is a gift from God – It is His spirit He has freely given you (Check 2Timothy 1:7) and once you know you have the mind of Christ, you should act like it!!!

October 6th

Not everything is what it seems I guess but then we already claim to know this. Sometimes you feel like you’ve been taken for a fool but NEVER jump to conclusions without hearing the whole story. I learnt today that peer pressure is stronger than the best of us. It is only by God’s grace that you can stand – that’s the gospel truth. Remember 1Cor 10:13 and take the way out. Another thing – don’t flirt with temptation, it’s a losing battle.

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man, and GOD is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear and when you are tempted He will provide a way out!

1 Cor 10:13

One more thing is the fact that a single person can bring a smile to your face and a single word can shatter your spirit. Be the person that brings a smile to people’s faces all the time. Let your words bring joy to numerous hearts and don’t be known for crushing spirits. Be the light among your friends – the one who always radiates joy!

October 5th

Ever heard ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? Sit back and read –

8am – 1pm: Group meeting for a lab report (the one I wrote about yesterday, the deadline was today).

1pm – 2pm: Class that ended 30 minutes late.

2.30pm – 3pm: Conclusion of lab report.

3pm – 3.15pm: Free time because the person I was supposed to go out with wasn’t ready plus transportation to my hostel.

3.15pm – 5.30pm: Adum thinzzz (Market).

5.30pm – 6.05pm: Transport to Tech junction. The traffic was wonderful only for us to meet a queue there as well.

6.15pm – 6.20pm: Went to get my bible for a prayer meeting.

6.20pm – 6.30pm: Somewhat free.

6.30pm – 8.00pm: Prayer meeting.

8.00pm – 10.30pm: Choir Practice.

Well I’m not a jack of all trades as you can see but I had a lot of activities or time wasting activities that day. It all boils down to prioritizing your time. Plan your time well to avoid things like this and in the evet of an inevitable occurrence, it would not throw you off balance. In student terms, read now so if you’d have had an exam the next day, you would not have been that frazzled.

Bottom line: PRIORITIZE!!!

October 4th

So today was one rush after the other. I woke up on time quite alright – even with plenty of time to spare – but I was to have an exam that day so I started reading. At about 5 am I remembered a lab report that was due but needed some sort of spell-check so I went on the internet. I ended up on Facebook, twitter, yahoo mail, my blog and some other tabs. I didn’t do what I had to do until really late by when I had started panicking about time. I returned to my reading but somehow the words kept finding their way to the particular line I was reading ( I have n idea how). Anyway, notice I didn’t pray or read my bible.

I hurried into the bathroom and out hurried to get ready – I said a quick prayer somewhere in between – and ran off to class. The state of my room? Y’all don’t really want to know!

First class, after waiting for about an hour, there was an impromptu quiz; not good at all. Just before we started, I was running to meet a friend and one leg of my slippers cut. The day wasn’t bad enough yet right? I saw the questions and I wrote the quiz by God’s grace but it was time to think about transportation – transporting myself to the next class! Luckily for me, my friend remembered she had superglue in her bag and offered me. As I was trying to apply it to my slipper, it spilled on my treggings!!! It felt like my skin was melting or burning and as for those trousers, they can never be worn again.

On y va! (That’s French BTW)

The second class was for the exam I was preparing for. I used the time lapse between the two classes to pray, ask for forgiveness and commit my day into God’s hands and then not surprisingly God took control. My exam was wonderful thanks to God! I’m still awaiting the results but this is my testimony. The rest of the day was amazing as well – even my practical class (first I didn’t have a lab coat but I got one with no difficulty and we finished way before time was up!) was a miracle.

In other words, never underestimate the power of prayer and prophesy. When you wake up in the morning, forget about everything else and prophesy into your day – Pray to God, thanking him and just loving Him!

October 3rd

The funny thing is that a friend of mine and I were joking about people getting hypnotized this morning and then I get back and find out that someone actually was hypnotized.

No one is safe anymore. Things happen to even the best of us. I’m not saying this to scare us – NO! The only backing you can ever have is God’s.

  • Have the best security detail and then they say it’s an inside job
  • Eat only vegetables, they say its food poisoning

So you have no control over what happens, leave it all to God because He knows what’s up, what’s gone down and what’s about to take place.

October 2nd

Read … and then … and INVIDIA. They sum up my views on envy popularly substituted for jealousy. Enjoy!!!

October 1st

What better way to start this off than an independence shout out to none other than Nigeria !! 🙂 It is also a wake up call to quit whining and start acting, quit pushing the blame and start praying! Click here to begin …

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