I really should rename this page seeing as I’m very irregular with my posts. Check out the Weekly quickie category and this page will be Just tidbits! I’ll still post them on facebook so go ahead and check out our facebook page, like it and join the community on there. Feel free to comment and share your views. The comments correspond with the dates against them. Okay I’m gone … Go ahead!

Enjoy 🙂

Family is one of the greatest blessings EVER! Let them know how much they mean to you as much as you can!!!

Family Love

I know telling your family ‘I love you’s’ hard – You expect them to know or you just feel weird saying it. Either way, let them know as often as possible that you care and you appreciate them okay? It won’t hurt a bit 😉

A poor man is ‘money minded’ thinking about saving money while a rich man is ‘time minded’ – knows he should save time.

Time and Money

Instead of wasting your time in the name of ‘saving’ money, invest it and take a risk. While you’re still on the road ‘cos its cheaper, someone else has gotten there and gotten the job done AND is doing another job, making his profit!

11 thoughts on “Tid-bits

  1. ‘unforgiveness does a lot more harm in the vessel that it is being kept in than on whom it is being emptied on…’
    Nice one seun!

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