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I ate my friend

Hello everyone!! It’s June and I’m back *dancing a victory dance*

I had a series of exams and I just finished so this young lady is free again. Happy new month!!!

For those wondering, let me quickly say this – No. The title of this post is not a metaphor in any way. I really did eat my friend X_X. I didn’t plan to but I did.

Here’s what happened:

We met just outside my house about a month ago, I was passing by and I saw him just lying there. Well, my attention was drawn to him so I approached him, took him into my place and that’s how our relationship started. I gave him his own space in my place – I admit it was small at first but eventually I increased the space (See how nice I am!). I fed him for a while; he’s a vegetarian so he wouldn’t really eat what I was eating so I fed him separately. We had what we called our ‘play time’ where he’d leave his space and we’d just interact for a bit before he had to go back. It was fun really. This went on for about two weeks or so.

One day though, while he was out and ‘playing’ and I was cooking, he was making a mess around so I picked him up and threw him into the pot of boiling water. It was finally time. Snaily was delicious! Yes people, I ate my snail friend.

P.S. You know I have to draw a lesson out of this right? 😆😉

Be careful who you call your friends. Just because they ‘feed’ you and ‘play’ with you doesn’t mean they won’t drop you in a pot of hot water one day.

Okay that’s it for now. Sunday posts should be back regularly from this Sunday. Don’t forget to follow so you’ll get email alerts when the posts go up.

I’ve missed you,


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My w

ord for this week is ‘sagacious‘. It means having or showing an ability to understand difficult ideas and situations and to make good decisions.
It is one thing to show or have the ability to do something and it is another thing to make good decisions. I like this firebrand word. Like I said in my last post, I’ll be off for a bit – till late June. I’ll explain when I come back but I couldn’t resist the urge to pop in and say:
I especially want to appreciate all the new subscribers. (Old subscribers I love you too especially because you keep coming back!). Thank you for hitting that follow button. For the visitors on here reading this, it doesn’t take a minute really. Hit follow via email, enter your email address and you’re done!

Thank you.

In the mean time, enjoy posts from the blog. Feel free to use the search button for topics you might be interested in and I’d love if you left a comment to let me know your thoughts as well.

Some of my recent favourites are:

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Feel free to explore more.

I’ve spoken too much. I’m off again,


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Preach what you practice

It’s almost a new month. It’s hard to believe that we’re almost in the

second month of the second quarter of 2018. The year is super quick yeah? Well, maybe it’s just me.
Anyway, today I want to quickly reflect and share a brief testimony with us. As at this time about a year ago (first week May), I had a serious medical issue and I ended up being bundled on a bike (commercial motorcycle) to the hospital. I was seriously struggling to breathe when I was admitted but with time, I felt a little better. After a few hours, I heard the man in the bed behind mine (general ward in a general hospital) scream ‘My chest!’ and in about a minute or so, he was gone. Imagine that! He was breathing fine and the next second he couldn’t again and the next, he was gone. Unfortunately, I had to spend the night in that same ward alone (I had to send my friends away, I needed time to bond with my doctor 😁) and overnight someone else kept screaming about how uncomfortable she was at intervals. All in all, I’m super grateful for my life and my health because I take it for granted sometimes. It’s good to just reflect and like the psalmist David says ‘Bless the Lord, oh my soul and forget not all his benefits’. There are times you just sit down and think and begin to count your blessings.
This post is supposed to be brief. Remember when I said that what I write isn’t from a point of ‘been there, done that, now past that’? They are things I’m learning from on a regular myself. A lot of people scream practice what you preach in order to keep people accountable but something I have observed recently is that it is more effective to preach what you practice especially because it is already working for you and people can see results. To me that is a call for ‘No excuses’. I have a responsibility to myself to produce results I know can come from applying certain principles, which means I must diligent in applying them. That being said, in a bid to continue to be excellent in delivering posts Sunday by Sunday, I’ll have to take a break. I’ll be back fully by June and don’t worry I’ll gist you then. It’s nothing serious really, it’s just that something else would have priority for the next few weeks and I don’t want to just scribble something and send or leave this space blank without notifying you. You’re special to me and thank you for always coming back.
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Love you Ganaija fam,