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One month to go …


This is the image I’ve been trying to upload for a while now. Anyway its 12 days NOT 31 days of GratitudeAttitude and its from the 13th of December to the 24th as we count down to Christmas. share the image as we begin our countdown to HashtagGratitudeAttitude!!! One month to go ganaija fam!

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So get on board the Gratitude Train and let’s countdown to Christmas together!!


Moi 🙂 ❤

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Love TAD

I wanna use this post to appreciate three very important people in my life who I don’t tell very much that I love them – my brothers and sister.

My sister has raved and ranted over the fact that I did a Super Dad post and a My Mama – My Love  post for my parents on their birthdays and ignored hers and my brother ‘s  which happened to fall in between. Well, she didn’t so much rave and rant as point it out but still … -_- Oh well!
Anyway, I love Toromo to pieces (nobody should send her this link or else!!!). She was  my first best friend – and I don’t do best friends – until she read my diary and told my mum about the boy I was crushing on. (Yeah I know, mushy mushy stuff!) All the same, we’ve had our fights as any two normal humans in a relationship have but what amazes people (dare I say pisses off a few of ’em) is the fact that we still hug during welcome in church on Sunday – It always happens before I realise it and its cute (albeit in a corny way). Did I say I love my sister? Oh yeah I did 🙂 She’s been at the receiving end of some transferred aggression and I hers but we still tight no matter what!


The second person here is my first brother, Abisayo. He’s all grown up now and his voice is even breaking 😦 I feel old! I remember when he was in my house all the time and then he stopped coming ‘cos he realised ‘we were girls’. I mean it was just my sister and I then but we had video games and all so it probably took a while to sink in. Well, when it did, he stopped coming as often and then my other brother was born. Then I had two brothers again. It was awesome, watching them bond, then fight then bond again, dragging me into wrestling matches and playing football (like I’m supposed to be a lady guys!) or kicking me at night when I had the ‘privilege’ of sleeping in the same room (my sister and I had our beds joined then we would lie across them. Fun times!!! 🙂 ). I don’t tell him enough but I love him love him love him. He’s my cousin by the way before y’all go start thinking he’s some random stranger :-p He’s always going to be my first brother!

Last but definitely not least is my one and only … *drum roll please* Dee!!!  I love Denrele scarra even though we fight as in literally and I just grab his hands and use my legs to hold him down (he won’t let me do that anymore though, he can fight his way out now 😦 ). He’s just one of the smartest kids I know. Once he puts his mind to something he sets out to do it and he cannot be intimidated. He needs more friends his age though – all his friends are all grown up! Some are even older than I am and that’s old for him!!! We love pranking Tee – Fun times 😉 and I hardly get upset with him so he knows when I do, I mean business! 🙂

I was listening to some voice notes on my laptop a while back and I found something four of us did a while back. It was ‘Lean on me’ – A sort of cover of the Glee Cast’s cover – and the intro (or was it the end) went something like this:

‘AB in the building (The one and only Abis) X-men Origin in the building (Denrele, though why he thought that up still baffles me) Shay in the building (Moi duh!) Romzy sef in the building (Who else is left? Toromo 🙂 )’ Then at the very end, T goes ‘Be be n lo, Be be n lo’, I mean who does that?

Well I just felt like writing today though I’m supposed to be reading ‘cos exams start on Monday 😦 and I decided that I love these guys too much to let any more details leave my head (I’ve been planning this post for a while).

So back to the books before I get sent back home and I’m no longer the ‘most awesomest‘ big sister in the world! Bye guys!!!
Before I forget, don’t go without checking out today’s tid-bit!

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Hi everyone. I’ve been having internet issues I’m sorry. This is a compilation of last week’s tidbits and I’ll put today’s up as. soon as possible. Enjoy!!!

31st March 2013
There is no love without sacrifice.

1st April 2013
If you wanna be better at it? Then repeat it!

2nd April 2013
There is power in what you say


3rd April 2013
You don’t need to lose something before you know the value of appreciation.

4th April 2013
Dare to reach out into the darkness to pull another hand into the light.
– Norman B Rice

5th April 2013
Its never too late.

6th April 2013
Don’t let any one thing be the source of your happiness.

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