Birthday Season Gratitude

Family is one of the best gifts you can ask for! You don’t choose your family, you may not even like them but eventually most people come to tolerate them – I love my family especially during what we like to call ‘Birthday Season’.

You see it starts in November with my dad’s birthday and then early December, my sister’s. Jesus does late December and the first half of birthday season is complete. Then since its a new year and all, we decided to make it a family thing for early January (like we had a choice!) and so my brother features late January. I’m next kicking off early February and my mum closes birthday season late February. Yup, that’s how it goes down here – so today I’m grateful for family, cake, ice cream and everything sweet that comes with birthdays and Christmas.

What are you grateful for this Saturday morning?


P.S. It’s 22 days to official #GratitudeAttitude!!! Share the word, let’s storm the world … Operation revive gratitude and reflect on the year!!!

Much love,

Moi! ❤


And the last day …

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I’ll love you tomorrow!! And it’s almost here!!!


Love One-Four is here at last … Well, almost! I’m super excited!! Those who haven’t gotten on the bus for the ride yet, hurry and strap in, it’s going to be an interesting ride! Its literally about 6 hours to go so start your countdown in hours 😀

6 hours to go ….

Love One-Four

I’ll see you on the other side – when Love One-Four’s began! P.S. its my birthday tomorrow  too 😉

7, 6, 5, 4 ….

Just four days left – Wow! Time flies … Love One-Four in a bit. First of all though, someone asked me yesterday what exactly ‘Love One-Four’s about so I’ll try and break it down. Its a project – Different views on love from what love is to someone to another’s picture of perfect love to whether valentine’s day should celebrate love at all. In short, its a love festival and if you think you CAN get enough of love then come on board and see that different people really have different views which might not even be yours! Its ‘Love, love and more love!’ raining down on here so subscribe to receive notifications via mail and not miss any single day!

There’s the facebook Ganaija community waiting to have you on board and you can follow @Ghanaijachic on twitter too. By the way, little secret between us, it’s my birthday on Friday too *dancing*. Shhh! I’m turning …….. (Hehehe! You really didn’t think I’d put that yeah? :p)

Love One-FourIts a double countdown for me and I’m double excited! Four days to go. Let’s do this!!!

March 8th

Very few people can say they know me and one of such is the person I’m talking about today. I’ve known him for over a year now and its been a weird friendship (He’s not normal :D) Lol! I’m not going to ramble on and on about how amazing he is ‘cos he’ll say I’m washing him but he’s one person I’m glad to have in my life … He’s a forever friend!
Another person – She didn’t know me from anywhere but we bonded and I love her unconditionally! She’s like a mini mummy to me and an extraordinary personality. She’s one person who can always make me smile.
I’d rather not have posted this here but its the only place with enough space for all my characters! I’d have attached pictures but I have to ask first. 🙂
Happy birthday Bobola and Amaka! I’m glad you’re in my life and I’ll forever be grateful I’m a lil part of yours!!!
Happy International Women’s Day as well! 🙂

My mama – My love

It’s my mummy’s birthday next week! I wrote this little piece as a birthday gift 🙂 Hope you like it mummy and I love you. :)Enjoy everyone plus you can leave some birthday love in the comments section 😉

Iya ni wura iye biye ti a ko le fowo ra (Yoruba)

Ma mere est un bijoux inestimable que je ne peux pas achete (French)

My mother is a priceless jewel that cannot  be bought (English duh!!!)

Mi madre es una joyas de incalculable valor que no puede comprar (Spanish)

meine Mutter ist eine unbezahlbare Juwel ich nicht kaufen kann (German)

Whatever language it is, the value of my mother cannot be expressed. She nurtured me even before I was born and loved me from the moment she found out I existed. I’ll always be my mummy’s baby – that I know.

Typically, we’ve had our fights, our conspiracies (good times!!!) and our plain ol’ playful moments but the scariest times are THE TALKS! Lol … If you’re a girl you probably know what I mean. My mum’s looking out for me no matter what. When I hurt, she hurts and when I succeed, there’s no one happier than she is – not even me!

Mummy I love you, always have, always will! Anytime I say I’m fine and you feel like I’m not (and you threaten to report me to daddy :)), its just ‘cos I don’t want you to feel bad too. You always protect me and I’m old enough to want to protect you too.

Remember that Super Mom t-shirt I got you a few years back, well … I meant it! I dont know how you do what you do but I know God made you specially for me (and T and D :p). Superheroes are fictional characters; sometimes they age and someone else has to play their character so you’re not my superhero but when you feel down, remember that I’m your number 1 fan and smile.

Happy Birthday Mummy. You’re my MOST FAVOURITESTEST mummy ever!!!