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How I use facebook – Boring? Just read!!!

Okay so this is a semi totally random post. I’ve been blank all day … Not exactly blank. I mean I woke up this morning knowing what I was going to write about today, made breakfast, took a bath and I was still fine. I started unpacking and STILL it was in my head but the moment I finished and sat down to write, it was no where to be found. I’ve been trying and trying to come up with something because I just NEED to write but I was COMPLETELY BLANK!!!

Anyway, in my desperation I went to google and actually typed ‘most interesting blog topics’. Yes I did that!!! X_X Before you beat me up, I actually saw a lot of cool stuff and some things I couldn’t care less about definitely. The thing that struck me most was 100 Blog Topics I hope you write by Chris Brogan. And his number 1 topic is the inspiration for this post:

First of all, it must be noted that I’m not writing this because I’m desperately in need of a topic but because this particular one practically screamed ‘Pick me! Pick me!! Pick me!!!’ Funny thing is I’ve been on facebook all day and I really don’t know what I’ve been doing. No offense Zuckerberg but facebook’s kinda dead to me.

So here we go. How I use facebook:

Basically to me, facebook is just … (still thinking of word to insert here). Most people have left facebook due to its infiltration by the older generation but thank God for privacy settings 😀 Back to the main thing. How I use facebook – Well when I log in, I usually scroll through and check out people’s activities displayed on the home page and react as is needed. This is after checking my notifications and messages (which have usually already been checked on my phone) and so are not in need of checking. Then I usually check out the celebrants for the day and write on their walls or call them or bug them any other way I can!!! This usually is followed up by me checking MY profile … Don’t know why exactly but thats just the way it is. On days like today when I’m extra bored and extra blank, I start a semi stalker mission. I either choose one or two people to stalk openly or one to stalk secretly 😉 and go through their albums mainly but then again what else is there on facebook?

Okay the groups; I think I’m in 3 groups so I have to kind of shuttle behind them plus sometimes some key signs are too many to type in response to all three at once! How can I forget? CHAT!!! I’m practically always offline … The number you of chats I have to attend to is discouraging enough talk less of some people. I’m half asleep as I type this so please don’t crucify me too much if this makes very little sense.

Apart from these, its just the zoo and the palace to see in Kumasi.

Permit me to digress a little …

As I typed palace, I remembered my Trini friends (from Trinidad and Tobago) and their dance the ‘palance’ but the story behind that is for another day.

Back to my story:

Facebook: Its fun for posting videos and photographs that will be there forever but what is there youtube for? To be honest, I cant pinpoint any solid reason that facebook’s the best.  ‘It helps us to stay in touch’, that’s the latest excuse but you have to actually use it to STAY in touch. Again I digress, back to the how. I use it to publicize posts – Every new post shows up on my timeline or on my wall so my friends can see it and come over to appreciate or critique.

I no longer am thinking straight because this sleep just climbed to another level. I sincerely hope there are no typos in this post and if there are I apologise to the eyes that would have to suffer through them but this princess needs her beauty sleep right about now. Wait! Before I go, I forgot to add ‘Cafe World’ and ‘Sorority Life‘, those are the only two facebook games I’ve played recently.

Hope you enjoyed reading, I’m just relieved I can write again! I just may post something tomorrow but if not I’ll be back on Sunday!!!