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9th December 2012

Turn-Off-Cell-Phone-Sign-SE-2653_buIts either you put your phone on silent in church or put God on silent!

–  @feistyarcher


Well click to read more on that! Basically as you go to church today (and I do hope you’re going), pay attention to God. Focus ‘cos you don’t know where your blessing is gonna come in!!!

Lest I forget, we’re starting a Christmas countdown next week on 17th. Its titled All I want for Christmas …! Click on the link to fill out a quick survey. It won’t take a minute I promise so I’ll know what’s on your minds.

Have a great week!!!

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On the 6th day to Christmas ….

Its 6 days to Christmas 2011 so let’s take a look at life this year and outline our priorities. Were we more likely to have forgone a church service for a Saturday night party? Were we more likely to be studying Friday night than clubbing? What were your priorities this year?

In 2 Kings 5, Gehazi learnt the hard way that there are more important things in life than material possessions. Some of you would argue that money is very important and I agree with you. Even Jesus used money as an illustration in almost half of his parables but as in the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12, material possessions do not last forever.

We should value things like health, self respect, respect for others, family and so on above material things. And above all, we should put God first. Do not act because you feel the need to ‘right now’ but put God first in all you do and He’ll meet your needs.

This season, remember to put Christ first as the reason for your celebration. Don’t whine about the iPhone 4s you didn’t get or the outdated laptop you were given. Instead let your best present of all be Jesus – the one God gave to you!!!

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Be different …

Some people just go to church to fulfill all righteousness!!! I was in church one day and the people just kept on shouting Amen … Even when I felt it was unneccessary but it was between them and their God!

Then the pastor said something like ‘God doesn’t like my nose’ and they all shouted Amen again. It made me start wondering exactly how many pay attention for the duration of the whole sermon because this Amen was just too out of place … The pastor was saying that we give stupid excuses like ‘God doesn’t like my nose’ as an illustration for his sermon.

Basically, not everyone that goes to church does so for the right reasons and even those that do, some of them do not pay complete attention! So let’s challenge ourselves … Go to church and actually listen!!! Do not be like the pharisees who were hypocrites fulfilling all the religious ordinances but go to church to have a divine encounter with God!