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Taking Goliath on!!!

Many of us know the story of David and Goliath quite well. In fact most of us grew up with that story … the little boy who killed the big giant. Today we’re going to look at this story from another angle.

Since we all know the story I won’t bother us with reading the scripture because it’s quite long but we’ll take a few references here and there and lay emphasis on some verses. For those of us who want to go back and read it, our bible reading is taken from 1Samuel 17:4-49.

We’re basically just going to compare and contrast so we have to do this together. Are you ready?

First Goliath is described as a very huge man, well over six feet tall with all the heavy metal he’s carrying on his body in the name of armour. An average person is scared of this picture of an opponent in battle right? That’s exactly how our problems, our challenges and our fears come … Like Goliath with all the armour and all the mouth teasing and taunting and like the Israelites, we are afraid. Let’s look at verse 16 ‘…’. Goliath taunted them for forty days. That problem that has been making fun of you for forty years, fourteen years, four days, four weeks, may it end right now in Jesus name.

Now we see little David, shepherd boy whose only use then was to tend to a few sheep and be an errand boy for his brothers and father. Verse 25. The men of Israel had removed themselves from the equation ‘it shall be that the man who killeth him …’. They had given up hope and were expecting to be killed. Don’t live out your problem when you can kick it out. They had decided that whatever happened that was that the same way many of us today decide that we can sail through a problem and pretend it was never there. Or lie about something to our parents, hustle the money after. But with these, you still find yourself in a place of fear and insecurity just like the Israelites.

Verses 28 and 29. We see David and Eliab typical of siblings but in this case it’s a last minute effort to sabotage your solution by the devil. If David had listened and gone off sulking back to his father, he’ll still be ‘David the errand boy’ and not ‘David the King’ in the lineage of our Lord Jesus. So we have to persevere in the face of problems.

One thing though. Perseverance is not Tolerating the Problem or Sailing through your problem. It’s simply not giving up because you have faith that your deliverance is near; that your solution is at hand.

In verse 39, David is dressed as a warrior for he is faced with battle, but as he is not familiar with those garments, he decides not to form big boy and treads on familiar territory. When we confront problems, we have to do it on our own terms not on the devil’s terms. Let the problem come all suited up like Goliath and then go before it in the name of the Lord. In our case, we have a sword ready for us to take into battle but we have to familiarise ourselves with the operation of the sword. The word of God, the bible is our sword. You don’t know when it’ll be battle time so always practice using your sword. Learn a new form of attack everyday … On the day of battle, you’ll definitely be prepared.

Now watch closely! From verse 42 to verse 44, we see that the devil NEVER stops trying to discourage us. When you stand up to your problem like David stood up to Goliath, the devil starts calling the problem what it actually is out of fear. Verse 42; we see Goliath saying ‘Am I a dog?’ as a result of fear and then trying to cover up his fear with the threat of feeding David’s flesh to the fowls and all that. Here’s the koko … Someone say the koko!!! David said ‘I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts … (and) the Lord will deliver you into my hands’. He did not face Goliath in his name but in the name of the Lord. He believed the Lord would deliver Goliath into his hands not that he was going to conquer. Let every Goliath you’re facing come to the realisation that He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world and you come before that problem in the name of the Lord.

Are we here? Someone say it’s happening … We know the rest of the story – David throws stone, stone hits Goliath’s head, Goliath falls down and dies. But let’s look closely at verse 49. It says Goliath fell upon his face to the earth. If we look at this logically, Goliath is running towards David, David throws the stone and the stone hits Goliath smack in the middle of his forehead so he should have fallen on his back, right? As puzzling as this is, there’s a simple explanation. God waits for you to initiate an action and He’ll follow through. God’s plan was to destroy Goliath but He waited for David to initiate the action by throwing the stone and then He brought Goliath down. Who knows if Goliath’s head met the stone on the way down? No one can tell.

If you don’t leave here with anything today, leave with this phrase …

‘God reacts when you act. He waits for your initiation of the action before the revelation of His reaction.’

         – Bondess007TM

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Pride? Or Confidence?

This post is different in that I want you guys to educate me. There is a thin line between pride and confidence but where is the line drawn and how do we know when we’ve crossed the line? I hereby open the floor for debate …. Post your comments and remember no opinion is wrong!!!

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19th September 2011

Another late quickie but its not too late. This week:

Trust yourself! You know more than you think you do
– Unknown

Do not make worried decisions or ‘what-if’ decisions. Take a chance on yourself and believe in your abilities. There are times quite alright that you would have to ask for some form of assistance from more experienced people but believe in yourself and do something!!!