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Birthday Season Gratitude

Family is one of the best gifts you can ask for! You don’t choose your family, you may not even like them but eventually most people come to tolerate them – I love my family especially during what we like to call ‘Birthday Season’.

You see it starts in November with my dad’s birthday and then early December, my sister’s. Jesus does late December and the first half of birthday season is complete. Then since its a new year and all, we decided to make it a family thing for early January (like we had a choice!) and so my brother features late January. I’m next kicking off early February and my mum closes birthday season late February. Yup, that’s how it goes down here – so today I’m grateful for family, cake, ice cream and everything sweet that comes with birthdays and Christmas.

What are you grateful for this Saturday morning?


P.S. It’s 22 days to official #GratitudeAttitude!!! Share the word, let’s storm the world … Operation revive gratitude and reflect on the year!!!

Much love,

Moi! ❤

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One month to go …


This is the image I’ve been trying to upload for a while now. Anyway its 12 days NOT 31 days of GratitudeAttitude and its from the 13th of December to the 24th as we count down to Christmas. share the image as we begin our countdown to HashtagGratitudeAttitude!!! One month to go ganaija fam!

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So get on board the Gratitude Train and let’s countdown to Christmas together!!


Moi 🙂 ❤

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5 days more …

The A to Z of Love Part 1

These are just a few random thoughts from A to M in my ‘love’ly opinion (bad pun I know :p). So in the spirit of love one-four, enjoy!

Love One-Four

A             Appreciates – Every single effort made and acknowledges the little things too!

B             Believes – In the abilities and potential that is present in each of them.

C             Cheers – You always have your back covered; a steady support syystem.

D             Disciplines – Correction in love so that the loved does not self-destruct!

E              Endures – Through thick and thin, good times and bad!!!

F              Forgives – And does not keep bringing it back on the table once its over.

G             Gives – Always giving gets tiring so love should be a give and take street.

H             Honours – The loved is a treasured possession; Speech, thoughts and deeds portray them                                highly esteemed.

I               Inspires – Love is a creative force … It births new things!

J              Judges not –  Not based on what you hear at first but gives room for mistakes.

L              Listens –  It’s never all about just you!

M            Motivates – Encourages the other party to achieve their goals and attain greater heights!

So these are a few Love Words 🙂 Watch out for part 2 Hehehe! It’s just 5 days to go 😀