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Food for thought …

We often treat God like He’s a lawyer! We go to Him only when we are in trouble. That accounts for why we don’t get answers since God does not work that way!! He rewards diligence! Those who love Him ‘in spite of’ not ‘because of’. Let’s redefine the terms of our relationship with God. It matters a lot to HIM…

Grace is needed:
• To overlook the shortcomings of others
• To love like Christ
• To bear the reproach of Christ
• To study God’s word diligently
• To continue to offer the sacrifice of praise
• To not speak the language of slaves
• To obey and submit to authority
• To be witnesses to Christ’s resurrection.

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24th June 2012

Your goal in life is not to be employed but to be deployed.
– Unknown

Your degree is just a certificate especially in this economy. In today’s world, what you know how to do outside your ‘degree’ makes a big difference. You should go into positions ready for use not just to occupy them!
Have a beautiful week!!!

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4th September 2011

I’m kind of in a rush here but this week’s quickie is:

Nobody is indispensable … Rather make yourself essential
– Bondess007

There is nobody that cannot be replaced. This just means that if you do not do your best in your assigned responsibilities, you can be thrown off them and someone else put on board. Make the effort in whatever you do to be the best and as a result people will notice and feel the impact of your absence. You are an asset to them then!