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Happy 2015

Hi guys!!!!!
Happy new year… I miss you all like crazy but i’ve been busy and I know it’s not an excuse but excuse me :*

Hope you’re having an amazing year so far! I really just popped in to say hi so you don’t think i’ve left my Ganaija family! NEVER!!! 😀

Anyway, I’ve dubbed this year ‘Our year of Faith’. It sounds crazy I know but this year is all about taking that extra step and going out of your boundaries – emotional, physical and mental! Every limitation you’ve put on yourself step out if it and do something different. You need to try it another way if the status quo isn’t working or don’t you think so?

I’ll be back soon with more for you and I’m thinking of what we can do to spice things up on here even when I’m not here – Tell me what you think!! 

Love you guys mega, have an awesome rest of the month! Don’t forget to follow @Ghanaijachic on twitter and give a shout out for a follow back and join the Ganaija family on Facebook! Just search for the page.

This hello post is longer than I planned initially but that’s good! So I’m signing out as always, 

P.S. Believe in yourself, dream big, believe in your dream, go get it!!!

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9th September 2012

If you can think it, you can do it! Remember though, IT won’t just happen so make smart goals and strive to achieve them. Don’t just dream -any body can have a dream. Take a step further and set the ball rolling to achieve it. That’s what makes the difference.

Have an awesome week!!!

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25th August 2012

I know I know! I’ve been very inconsistent and for that I sincerely apologize. I’ve been internet deprived for a while and after you get past the first few days its not that bad …

Anyway I have a quickie for us. Its

In other words, concentrate on the now. Its not to say you cant dream about the future. Just dont focus on the dream so much that you actually forget to work today towards that future. Your past experiences shape your future but again dont dwell on the past – ‘Live everyday as it comes – That’s the best you can do for yourself.’

Have a blessed week and I’ll definitely try to be more consistent!!!