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Not Easily Broken

Are you a laborer or a worker in God’s kingdom? Some of us in our hearts really want to work for God but the moment we are given something to do that is out of our ‘comfort zone’, we just get angry and leave or give up even in times when we should persevere.

The Christian life is not an easy road so we have to learn to endure. A worker works when the going is good and most likely puts all his effort into it but a laborer is giving his best come rain come shine not minding the beads of sweat pouring down his face. Another major distinction is that a worker has a defined job. He knows this and that is what he’s supposed to do but a laborer finds what needs to be done and does it.

Our minds are often tuned to one thing. For example, I’m a chorister so what’s my business with sweeping the church? or I’m the head of the prayer ministry, why should I be arranging chairs? But whatever needs to be done you should do. Its another way to glorify God with your service and to show love to one another.

Coincidentally when I was about to type this, I saw a post titled Bend but don’t break that captures my thoughts perfectly.

I’m not saying you should jump into everything so those whose jobs these things are have nothing to do, but extend a helping hand and be willing to do whatever it takes to serve God no matter how inconvenient it may seem. When the going gets tough, be strong and hold on. Remember you’re NOT EASILY BROKEN!

God bless you. 🙂