Love One-Four 16.13

In case you missed the last posts:

Love is Patient

Love Is Kind

Love does not envy

Love does not boast

Love is not proud

Love does not dishonor others

Love is not self-seeking

Love is not easily angered

Love keeps no record of wrongs

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth

Love always protects

Love always trusts

‘… always hopes …’

We’re almost at the end!!! Today’s piece is by another special friend of mine. He’s one of my mentors and one of my biggest encourage-rs. Let me publicly acknowledge you and appreciate what you do behind the scenes – Thank you!!! You can follow him on Facebook (Frank Oje) for daily posts – little tidbits that can get you through the day or week or even the whole month!




Before we dive in, I want to send a shout out to my grandpa too!!! 😀 Happy birthday!!!! (even though I highly doubt he’s reading this 🙂 ) Anyway Ganaija fam, its Frank Oje with ‘Love always hopes’!

Love is a beautiful thing, no matter how you feel, in spite of whatever has happened to you. Let’s not change it! haha! Did I hit you below the belt? Before you bite me, just listen and read a few more lines, please? :P-)

The consequences of loving varies across board and lines of experience. Some people have a “Cinderella” kind of story to tell, while others can easily relate to a full epistle of how Cynthia was stood up at the airport in her wedding gown for a husband that never showed up! Such is life.

Recently I found a woman I would like to marry (again) and I thought it wise not let my mum know yet (for the umpteenth time), so it doesn’t look like I enjoy dashing her hopes. But when I went to visit her, I could only hide my feeling for a few hours (or minutes maybe?) before I started spilling -like when you open a pretty excited Coca-Cola bottle. Yeah, Love is one of such feelings that really can’t be hidden or contained for too long! You can’t buy a dream car and park it in the garage for a week. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. I was only trying to explain why I had to worship in another church the previous Sunday when I found myself “jumping tracks” in my schematics. Lol.



Contrariwise, while my mum was dancing in jubilation that her prayers have been answered, my talkative brother quickly reminded her; “mama, don’t be too happy yet, this could be like one of such days when we hoped that love had finally come but at the end, it was dashed.  But mum rebuked him and said; leave me and let me be happy. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts if it keeps hope alive. Moreover, faith is the evidence of things hoped for… which means without hope, faith has no stand! In other words, there is a connection between faith and hope and that connection is an “evidence” that ensures that whatever you have faith in, you must hope for. It suffices to say that; whatever love battle you may have seemingly lost as a result of failed expectations, you didn’t fail. It could be destiny’s path to true love, a fail forward process to the real thing (sometimes, for reasons best known to God). 

Does true love really hurt? You may want to ask. Yes it does sometimes a lot of times. Hurting on the cross (for our sakes), God, who so loved the world, felt it too. They say ‘Its people who you love that hurts you the most’. Or, it’s a ‘thing’ you love that you repeatedly go through pains to have (is labour pain flying through your mind? like right now? 🙂 ) Well, at the end “LOVE CONQUERS ALL”. So why should we continue to love amidst mixed feelings or expectations? Hmmm, because ‘HOPE’ comes with the package! Just like ‘Faith’, we have hope that sooner or later, our expectations will be met. Love always hopes. If it appears to be failing, try plugging in some more hopes. It may not result in your ‘immediate or most desired expectation when applied to humans, just remember; Even God who is love, has set before you; life and death, and He is expecting, advising and ‘hoping’ that you choose LIFE! But for free will’s sake, He can only hope!



I remember in secondary school when I told a friend I was afraid to love so I didn’t get my heart broken – He said ‘Don’t worry the next person will mend it’. I couldn’t have said it better myself – KeepHopeAlive!!! Head over to facebook and like the Ganaija page. Tomorrow’s our last guest write-in for Love One-Four. I’m excited!!!

‘’Love never fails.’’




Birthday Season Gratitude

Family is one of the best gifts you can ask for! You don’t choose your family, you may not even like them but eventually most people come to tolerate them – I love my family especially during what we like to call ‘Birthday Season’.

You see it starts in November with my dad’s birthday and then early December, my sister’s. Jesus does late December and the first half of birthday season is complete. Then since its a new year and all, we decided to make it a family thing for early January (like we had a choice!) and so my brother features late January. I’m next kicking off early February and my mum closes birthday season late February. Yup, that’s how it goes down here – so today I’m grateful for family, cake, ice cream and everything sweet that comes with birthdays and Christmas.

What are you grateful for this Saturday morning?


P.S. It’s 22 days to official #GratitudeAttitude!!! Share the word, let’s storm the world … Operation revive gratitude and reflect on the year!!!

Much love,

Moi! ❤

Happy 2015

Hi guys!!!!!
Happy new year… I miss you all like crazy but i’ve been busy and I know it’s not an excuse but excuse me :*

Hope you’re having an amazing year so far! I really just popped in to say hi so you don’t think i’ve left my Ganaija family! NEVER!!! 😀

Anyway, I’ve dubbed this year ‘Our year of Faith’. It sounds crazy I know but this year is all about taking that extra step and going out of your boundaries – emotional, physical and mental! Every limitation you’ve put on yourself step out if it and do something different. You need to try it another way if the status quo isn’t working or don’t you think so?

I’ll be back soon with more for you and I’m thinking of what we can do to spice things up on here even when I’m not here – Tell me what you think!! 

Love you guys mega, have an awesome rest of the month! Don’t forget to follow @Ghanaijachic on twitter and give a shout out for a follow back and join the Ganaija family on Facebook! Just search for the page.

This hello post is longer than I planned initially but that’s good! So I’m signing out as always, 

P.S. Believe in yourself, dream big, believe in your dream, go get it!!!

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Last minute Christmas gift shopping

So guys it’s been a minute and then some! I started work a while back and it’s been crazy busy plus i’ve been crazy lazy about writing :p (X_X) Anyway it’s almost Christmas and i’m super excited!!!
*dancing shoki*
He he he! Now it’s that crazy period when you need to get gifts for people and time is running out its NOW or NEVER!! Fear nit because Easy Gifts as a subsidiary of Biskab Enterprises is here!

Not only do they create hampers, they deliver too! So those people you didn’t remember to get gifts for or those you wanna get more for can have hampers based on your own price range. Rich hampers from wine glasses and chocolate cookies in regular to a Samsung Galaxy Note in Diamond for friends and family from YOU! Yup! It’s just an awesome deal so what are you waiting for? For details, call 08185539542 or 0813 739 5337 and I’ll put a price list up on Facebook later today.

You know you can hit this Ghanaijachic up on twitter @Ghanaijachic and join the Ganaija family on Facebook! Leave a comment, drop some love! Remember to get a hamper for someone this Christmas!!! And it’s Christmas it’s all about love, family and the big guy Himself, Jesus!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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Who says ‘I love you’ first? – Day 11

Today’s random love thought is  by another amazing RANDOM writer. Someone (my mum X_X) told me to check out the blog and I saw a great piece for Love One Four so enjoy! Visit the website as well, its amazing!

P.S. Its another boss who has left blogging for the small children like me *sigh*

Love One-Four

I’m not sure how this applies in the Nigerian dating culture and I would be glad if someone enlightens me but I know in the western world, saying “I Love You” for the first time is a really big deal, I mean a huge deal in relationships and I’ve never really understood why people place so much emphasis on who says it first, how soon you say it and even where you say it. Now, I know this affects men and women in different ways so I’ll address the both angels.
Ladies First…
So here comes Angela and Segun who have been dating for 5 months and Segun is yet to say the three magic words. Angela starts to panic, “.. does he love me..? … should I say it first..? maybe he’s too shy to say it..? .. Oh God, he’s seeing another girl….” All these and even worse are the thoughts in Angela’s head. So what should she do?
Here is Segun, enjoying the relationship that he has going with Angela. Everything thing seems to be going well and he really does care about her but he is not yet at the commitment stage. One day, they are on a romantic date when Angela tells Segun “…babe, I have something I’ve been wanting to tell you..” (Segun begins to think.. Oh Oh….)

Angela: “Babe, I want you to know that I love you…”
Segun: Oh! .. **awkward silence**

Angela feels hurt that Segun did not say it back while Segun is scared that he’s now in trouble and the

relationship just got complicated.

See what I mean? Way too much complication. We attached unnecessary value to irrelevancies in our relationships. Who says I love you first is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the success of a relationship. You know why? Because people lie! All the time! What if Segun says “I love you too..” but he really doesn’t? People can say and do anything just to get what they want and to please the other party. Saying I love you these days is not a guarantee of anything. So stop complicating issues and just go with it. On the other hand, what if Segun starts acting like the sun rises and sets on his behind all because Angela said the words first?

Someone once said that whoever says “I love you” first in the relationship is in the weakest link. DogShit! That’s a whole load of crap that people just feed you without even understanding your own scenario. You have to understand that relationships vary from person to person. What works for A is not necessarily going to work for B. So don’t run your relationship the same way Sade does hers, you’ll only get one result: disaster!

Here’s what I think, it’s not even an issue; just say it! If you are convinced enough that you feel that strongly for that person then just say it. You can only get three responses:
(1) I love you too,
(2) The person is almost at the same place with you, and
(3) the person doesn’t love you now, and isn’t going to any time soon.
Based on whatever the response you get is, just keep on moving. And even if he/she says it back, talk is cheap. It’s the person’s actions towards you that will tell you whether he/she really does love you or not. But either way, stop treating your relationship with some 12 steps that you read in a book and attaching meaning to who says it first because if you are both meant to be together, such things would be irrelevant.

Most importantly, If you love someone, just tell them because today is given but tomorrow is not guaranteed

Tomorrow, Love One Four continues with ‘So whats the point of Love’ by Nkechi! Bye guys 😀