Last minute Christmas gift shopping

So guys it’s been a minute and then some! I started work a while back and it’s been crazy busy plus i’ve been crazy lazy about writing :p (X_X) Anyway it’s almost Christmas and i’m super excited!!!
*dancing shoki*
He he he! Now it’s that crazy period when you need to get gifts for people and time is running out its NOW or NEVER!! Fear nit because Easy Gifts as a subsidiary of Biskab Enterprises is here!

Not only do they create hampers, they deliver too! So those people you didn’t remember to get gifts for or those you wanna get more for can have hampers based on your own price range. Rich hampers from wine glasses and chocolate cookies in regular to a Samsung Galaxy Note in Diamond for friends and family from YOU! Yup! It’s just an awesome deal so what are you waiting for? For details, call 08185539542 or 0813 739 5337 and I’ll put a price list up on Facebook later today.

You know you can hit this Ghanaijachic up on twitter @Ghanaijachic and join the Ganaija family on Facebook! Leave a comment, drop some love! Remember to get a hamper for someone this Christmas!!! And it’s Christmas it’s all about love, family and the big guy Himself, Jesus!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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ANDREW: More than just a Hobby!!!

I’m using this avenue to ask for permission to reblog! 🙂 This is an awesome piece straight from the heart and born only of pure unadulterated love. A love like this will help you weather the storm TOGETHER and I bless God for these two. I don’t know them; a friend sent me the link to this blog so enjoy everyone!!!
P.S. Make sure you check out comment no 2 (It’s not me :p)



I’m usually great at remembering dates, but I don’t remember the exact date Mimi introduced you to me because I never thought we would ever go beyond that polite exchange of nods and handshake… However, I vividly remember that cool January evening you requested that I take a walk with you in life… 😀  Yup, that was the way you put it… So we took a walk… a literal one at first… and then a binding one…

We are still walking… and I have never regretted embarking on this walk with you. Neither have I grown weary or thirsty, even though we started out this walk 7 years ago. 7 years of comforting strength from you when weariness beckoned… 7 years of ever flowing refreshing streams to keep every thirst at bay…

Your heart of gold. Your smile. Your kindness. Your intelligence. Your biceps. Your devotion to God. Your teach-ableness (hehehe… that’s…

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On the 2nd day to Christmas ….

I’m dancing and typing!!! Okay not really but I’m super excited! Its two days to Christmas … Two days to eating Christmas rice … Two days to opening presents (or maybe three for the boxing day gift unwrappers :D)!!!

We’re all in the Christmas mood by now I’m sure, no matter how ‘un-Christmassy’ our environments are. Family’s getting together, gifts are being wrapped and hidden, last minute Christmas shopping’s being done as well! So let’s continue our countdown …

Gifts! Gifts!! Gifts!!! That’s what we’ll talk about today. I’m sure most of us are done Christmas gift shopping – I am!!! So let’s review who’s on the list?
Taking a careful look at your list of recipients, I’m sure most of us would notice it included mostly family members and friends – people who were sure to give you a gift as well. It has become a normal thing for us to buy things for only those who can get us gifts back. This has to change!!! We often give expecting something and it has become so much so a part of most of us that we don’t even do it consciously anymore. Shops are still open if you have to quickly run out now but make sure you’re not excluding someone you should be giving something just because the person may not be able to give you in return.
But most importantly, I believe we shouldn’t forget the birthday boy!!! Give Jesus a very handsome gift … Let’s challenge ourselves – Give Him a gift in proportion to the way God has blessed you!!!
So this Christmas, don’t show up before the Lord empty-handed; bring a gift for the birthday boy!!!

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Santa’s recruiting …

Christmas is in the air!!! Its my favorite time of the year … Family, friends and fiesta!!!

People always look forward to holidays especially students – anything that is translated roughly as ‘no school’ then we’re down! Christmas has this different atmosphere though. Its one of the shortest holidays ever yet the most celebrated and the most anticipated. Coupled with the fact that its the end of the year, its a season of love where families reconnect and reflect on the year – hardships, good times and how they reacted through them all.

The ultimate proof of love is the real reason for Christmas! Christ was born to come and redeem us so we can be reconnected with God the Father. As December’s round the corner and we immerse ourselves into the ‘Christmas spirit’, let’s not forget the real reason for the season and celebrate with a grateful heart.

We should also use this time to reflect on the true definition of love. Love for our families is natural so during this period coming together seems almost normal but do something different this year and extend love to an orphaned child or that person in your office who’s always alone … Let’s make this year a Christmas to remember – one full of love and love indeed!!!

Also remember to appreciate your friends and family, they won’t be there forever so let everyone know that you love them and you’re grateful to God for the fact that they are in your lives. I never really appreciated this period till I came to school. I took it as a usual occurrence but Christmas in my house somewhat begins in November with my dad’s birthday and ends in February with my mum’s. My siblings and I fall in between … And being in school during this period has made me realise that you can never over emphasize the importance of loved ones around you!!!

Get into Christmas spirit people and remember touch a life this year. Santa’s recruiting you to deliver early Christmas presents – Make it a December to remember for you and for someone else!!!