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14th October 2012

Everything should be balanced in your life. If there are some things you need to give up completely, then go ahead and do so! The lack of equilibrium in a system causes it to topple or fall.When you do everything in moderation, you are happier and have a more balanced life.

Have an awesome and moderation practiced week!

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30th September 2012

We all have different things we want to achieve in life – from new year resolutions to plans for your children’s future. In whatever we do, we should remember that success is doing what you love and making money from it. SO ultimately, enjoy what you do and do your best in all you do!

Enjoy the last few hours of September!!!

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He’s totally into you ;-)

A particular someone has been waiting for this and I’d hate to disappoint him so here goes
Girls, self examination first of all:
1. Is he always on the phone with other girls in your presence?
2. Does he look at you with honour and respect?
3. Does he call regularly?
4. Does he respect your ‘No’?
5. Is he proud to show you off to everybody?
6. .What is his reaction to your most annoying behaviour?

Alright I’ll stop!!! Too many questions. I’m sure y’all are saying ‘Let’s start already’ … Well, we have! Just kidding (or am I?)!!!
Oh okay, here we go:
He’s totally into you when he respects you! Don’t tell me respect is relative or reciprocal or whatever other ‘r’ word you can manage to conjure up. He respects you enough to NOT spend all his time with you on the phone with other girls. He looks at you with respect not as if he’s gonna devour you or he can’t wait to eat you up! If his eyes scream lechery, then he’s not into YOU! He should respect your ‘No’ and not force you to do what you don’t want to do. Don’t get me wrong … He is allowed to try and get you to experiment and go on adventures but once it comes to compromising your values – you should draw the line; He’s into you, he’ll get that.
We get that guys are not sentimental but he should be protective and caring NOT overbearing. He wants to be your ‘Knight in shining armour’, saying in the good old fashioned way ‘Can I do this for you’, or ‘Would you like my help with ….’. He wants you to know how he feels about you so he not only tries to show it but he says it as well – no matter how few and far between he does that. He calls you to say He loves you not just during the weekend for a rendez-vous.
Next, when you’re having a conversation, he wants to hear about you, he doesn’t go on and on about himself. He talks about you and how to make things better between you two. Again don’t get it twisted, he’s not to be vague about himself, that in itself is shady and should be avoided but he’s more into you than he is into himself. He reaches over into your interests and gently brings you into his. You can see that he makes an effort to compromise for your sake but again I maintain – ‘If the compromise involves compromising values then … DON’T!’ He respects your views but he’s not afraid to air his as well. He doesn’t try to make you feel ‘stupid’ for thinking the way you do. He doesn’t go about telling everyone what he does for you but he wants to do more. He wants the whole world to know that you’re ‘His’.
So ladies, if he’s into you, you’ll know. Don’t break his heart …. And don’t let him suffer too much! Let him down easy … If you love him, hang on tight!!!

I honestly just saw this quote – about a split second ago and it sums it all up:

Girls when you find a KING, keep him;

Guys when you find a QUEEN, love and protect her;

Don’t reshuffle your cards, you just might end up with the JOKER!!!

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Enjoy your week!!!