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Countdown to Christmas – All I want for Christmas …

Remember last year’s Christmas countdown … It was the 7 days to Christmas. This year would be a little different. I’m adding two days to our countdown and it’ll end on Christmas day.

All I Want for Christmas Slide

Welcome to 2012’s countdown (ironic right?). Its titled All I want for Christmas …

So drop your comments …

Let me know what’s on your mind this Christmas or fill out this quick survey. Our countdown will start on 17th December and I have some special people writing in. I may write as well … Not so sure yet. Y’all cant be tired of me yet, are you? 😀

Okay okay, I’m out! Just want you guys to prep yourselves for this year’s countdown. I’ll be busy this week so I may not bug you with updates but next week (evil laughter) …

Enjoy the rest of your weekend … Oh and till tomorrow for our quickie!!!

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On the 1st day to Christmas …

1 Day to Christmas

Its Christmas tomorrow!!!

Seasons Greetings to all my family, friends, fans and followers! Hope y’all enjoyed the countdown with me. Since its the last day, we’ll just wrap up by laying down Christmas rules for this year; let’s call them our commandments.

Christmas Commandments

  • Thou shall remember the real reason for the season and share it with others.
  • Thou shall show love to every single person – Agape love which is the love of Christ.
  • Thou shall not celebrate Christmas religiously but thou shall celebrate for the right reasons.
  • Thou shall remember that its a Sabbath day so keep it holy 🙂
  • Thou shall do something different this year – extend a giving hand or a hand of friendship and make somebody’s Christmas.
  • Thou shall spread cheer and only cheer!!!
  • Thou shall say at least one kind word to everyone you come in contact with. You never know who needs ‘healing’.
  • Thou shall not worry about the following day or hour or minute or second!!! 😉 Live the day as it comes.
  • Thou shall not covet your neighbour’s chicken, property or Christmas gift. Be content!!!
  • Its Christ’s birthday but thou shall not misuse the name of the Lord!!!

Those are our 10 commandments!!! Come on y’all, let’s make this a Christmas to remember!!! Let’s go 25/12/2011!!! 😀

Have a very merry Christmas and may the joy and blessings of this season fill your house!

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On the 7th day to Christmas ….

Normally its the 12 days of Christmas but we’ll make ours the 7 days to Christ mass!!! We’re going to go day by day as we count down to Christmas and get some insight on celebrating the Christ-way!!!

Today’s focus is love. We all know John 3:16 but how many of us really understand it. For a moment take your mind off God giving His son and focus on Jesus choosing to come, leaving His glory in heaven and humbling Himself to be born as a helpless baby, dependent on everyone around Him for His needs when He had every angel in heaven worshiping Him, knowing that He was going to suffer and ultimately die. He did not know what would happen after His death o!!! People just say Jesus came to die for our sins – quite alright He did but He died the most shameful death of His time without the assurance that people would turn their hearts back to God; yet He did it for us because of His love for us.

We have a new command to love one another. So consider these two:
1) As we love our families, remember as a Christian you’ve entered into a new relationship – a family of believers so love one another.
2) We say we love our families but how many of us have selfless love for everyone in our families? Christ has set the standard so love like Christ does.

Love isn’t optional for Christians. We are to be people who love each other in the self sacrificing way that Jesus loves so that others can see how real Jesus is by the difference He makes in our lives!

Think about this, celebrate in agape (the love of Christ) and see you tomorrow!!!