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Such Love … Lovestruck!!!

I keep saying I’m falling in love with Love
There’s no other way to explain it
I’m blinded by love yet I see clearly
He literally loves me to death so how can I help it?
He chose to come get me so I could be with Him forever
He came all the way so I could be accepted as His bride
I still don’t think I deserve Him sometimes
But He keeps telling me that His love is enough for both of us

How can I help but love such Love?
How can I keep myself from falling in love with Him?
I am drowning in His love and I love it
I can’t explain this feeling but I want it.
You know lately I’ve been learning about wants and needs
So I know I need His love but I want it too.
That’s just amazing, such amazing love.
I can’t describe it – He loves me because I’m me

He loves me because I talk too much
He says its just enough to talk about Him

He loves me because I’m always about
He says it enables me to show His kind of love to others.

He loves me because I like my privacy –
He says He can always catch me listening for Him.

He loves me just because.
Not because I love Him because He loved me long befoore I knew He was
But just because.

He loved me to death!
Now He’s alive and I want you to love Him too
Because He loves you just the same.


Sorry I’ve been really busy but I wrote this in class today #RandomMomentOfBoredom and inspiration by God’s overwhelming love! Please share it and bless someone’s life. Thanks guys 🙂

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B, C, D then E

Part I

They say life’s from B to D
Only the C matters to me
Birth to death with Christ in between
So I have to live with Christ to win.

They say ‘YOLO’ – You Only Live Once’
Well living without a purpose is just existing
Its in Christ you find your purpose for living
So they know it but they just lack understanding.

Life’s full of mazes
A fact that amazes
But it’s the exit point that matters.

In a bid to find it, there are so many shatters,
So many scatters, so many waters.
Sometimes we swim, sometimes we drown,
Sometimes we barely stay above so as not to go down.

Yet some people think I’m a clown –
They call me foolish
‘Cos I’m full of Christ ish
They call me childish
‘Cos I believe faith is the ish

Well it’s time for me to dish
Since God has called us to fish
Yes us – Me, you and you
Be a fisher of men – oh and women too
Display Christ in whatever you do
You just might be the only bible they see.

Who should we be?
Who are we?
I am me – bought with a fee.

Jesus’ blood paid the price and now I’m free
Yet I owe all to Him
I’m free from sin
I’m free in Him

I wish I could say I miss the ‘me’  I used to be
but I’d be lying –
Then I was dying
Its unfortunate I had to drop you to pull through
Nothing personal – but then again it His.
It’s me and my Saviour – I’m His!

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Super Mario

Recently someone said something that got me thinking – ‘I am like God’s Super Mario’ – not in those exact words though. Playing Super Mario was one thing and ‘being’ Mario is another so I decided that being God’s Super Mario:

Game Controller

He should be behind the controls.

When He moves me left, I go left. He makes me bend or jump, that I do. He knows exactly what action I need to take. He sees the whole screen – I just see where I’m standing. I need to let go and let Him – If I don’t let Him start the game then I’d be in ‘preview’ mode and never go past that same point.

Best for Mario

He knows whats best for me.

He knows I need to stay plugged in to a source to remain alive. He knows I need Him to move me out of harm’s way. He knows exactly when I need extra lives and extra food and ammo and all that. He knows best. He knows the perfect time to jump on that shelled ‘thingy’ so it won’t come back and hurt me. I need to be patient even when it seems like I’m not moving because HE KNOWS!!!

Big or Small

Different phases, different faces.

There are different faces for different phases in life. There is a time for everything right? A time to be happy, a time to be sad; a time to laugh and a time to cry; a time to rejoice and a time to mourn – The list is endless. Because I love my ‘Star mode’ doesn’t mean I’m supposed to live in ‘Star Mode’ all the time. Sometimes I need to be ‘Little Mario’ or maybe plain old ‘Big Mario’ so I can use my ‘gun’! Different stages, different phases, different faces!!!


Life’s in different stages.

Super Mario World 1 Stage 1 – Life, so to speak, starts here. I move from stage to stage after overcoming all the obstacles. I need to finish one level before I move ahead because I need to be prepared for the next stage. Sometimes I may need to restart a level because He doesn’t feel like I’ve done well enough to survive the next level and He does want me to survive and be victorious!

Basically, I need to leave the control to God, He’s got the pad anyway. Whether I’m Mario or Luigi or I have Yoshi or not or I’m in Super Mario Bros or Super Mario World, I know He’s got a plan for me – I’m going to get to the end and be victorious (save the princess?).  I have to be as submissive as Mario is to me (I’m a boss like that! :D). What do you have to lose trusting Him, you only know what’s in front of you anyway plus you get a free theme song included!!!


Be a Super Mario today, trust your Super God today, become a Super Natural being in this natural world by His grace! 🙂

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