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Your Word, Your Bond


Two times this month … I’m on a roll mehn! Lol

I’m trying to be consistent that’s why I’m not posting everyday so I won’t leave you with a dry spell. I still love you all. That said:

I’ve said a lot of times that I’d like to write my own vows at my wedding (future husband take note, you’ll probably be writing yours too :p Lol!), but a book I finished recently got me thinking. In that ‘moment of love’, it’s easy to get carried away and promise to be there in sickness and in health, for better and for worse because we can only imagine a kind of ‘worst’ and it seems bearable because we’re in love. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s emotions or the institution of marriage but bear with me I’m going somewhere.

This book I just finished is titled ‘The Vow’. I saw the movie a while back as well – before I read the book. (click for the book review). It’s important to always keep your word. People look at you differently and treat you with another level of respect just because they know you’re honourable.

Again, some people wait for the big things before they decide to be honourable but if you can’t handle the little ones, how would you manage the majors? Start by keeping that promise to your 4 year old daughter that you would get her a new doll for good behaviour or not telling your colleague at work that you’d check the price of something on your way home when you have no intention of doing so. One thing I’ve been doing for a while that has really helped me is trying to keep every promise I make. Once I say ‘I promise’, I’m bound by that word. It takes a lot of discipline but it is possible.

One of the hardest people to keep promises to is ourselves. Learn to honour your word to yourself  –  it might make it easier to deal with others too. When you say you promise yourself tat’s the last level of Candy Crush before you go to bed, then make it the last level. Don’t make excuses – they are the most crucial tools for breaking promises. Just don’t make them at all!!!

I know it takes a lot of discipline and trust me I’m struggling as well, especially with keeping promises to myself but two things I need us to get from this are:

  • Once you’ve made a promise, you’re bound by your word. Always try to honour your word. Kim and Krickitt Carpenter – the authors of ‘The Vow’, stuck to their vow even when the going was tougher than most would ever know, even when they had no idea why they were doing it, even when they were confused about what a future under that situation would lead to … I’ll stop there but you guys really need to read the book (You can watch the movie but I can bet you it’s not the same!) and this leads us to …
  • Think before you speak. If you want to keep your word, then you have to start thinking before you speak. Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind? I need us to pay particular attention to N. If it’s not necessary then you might not need to say it – once it comes out, you should follow through.

The month of August is almost over! I can’t believe the year is running so fast. By next year, we should have a new and improved system here that all of us can enjoy and I don’t need to be apologizing every time I’m away.

Even when I’m gone, you’re always in my heart,
Love you guys muchos,


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I AM …

Who are you?


I AM! Those two words are the beginning of a definition – a description, an insight into a person so as I was walking back home from work the other day I decided that whatever I want to be, I first have to be AM.

Okay it doesn’t make sense just yet but listen – I AM ….

A – Accept Responsibility

To ever move ahead in life, one needs to accept responsibility for what they’ve done and learn to move on. Take criticisms in good faith and learn from your mistakes. Don’t always be defensive and at the same time don’t let people take advantage of you. We need to strike a balance and that’s life – striking balances all the time.

M – Maximise Opportunities

Wherever you find yourself, whatever you find yourself doing, do it to the best of your ability because not only do you not know who’s watching but you are also developing yourself. Respect people and things around you – Yes I said things! Respect your environment well enough to keep it clean, respect your body well enough to keep it healthy, respect your property well enough to keep it safe and the list goes on and on. Respect is commanded and sometimes demanded but the most long lasting form of respect is earned.

Ghanaija fam, who are you?

Remember I AM …. ! Whatever you are, those are two key things to note. They would help in your career, education, relationships and generally life as a whole.

Its been a minute and then some on here but you know I love you guys a whole lot.
Ciao for now,


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Oya make yanga

Someone told me that he’s in the university of the streets, school of hard knocks. I know I’ve heard the saying sometime before but at that particular moment it hit me – I have been going through this uni on a particular drug! I admit it – i’m a grace junkie!!!
Moreover, the university of the streets is affiliated with the university of life and my daddy founded the university of life!!! I just need to remember that and walk in that knowledge – whatever I need He gives me. I have that favour from Him!!!
Anyway today isn’t about that, i’m here to introduce to you Yangamall!!! Oya time to make Yanga! If you haven’t heard you’re seriously dulling!!! Its an online shopping mall to cater to all your shopping needs and upon launch, there would be a wide selection of carefully selected first-class products including groceries, home essentials, fashion products, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Books, Healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more, at attractive prices and timely promotions.
Yanga Mall 4 days
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