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The Stalker

Once upon a time, I had a stalker. We got down from the same keke and crossed the same road. He walked behind me through the same shortcuts and turned the same turns. We walked to the same estate and greeted the same people.

We stopped to talk and walked home and walked to the same block. So my stalker if ever you’re reading this, I know you’re not a stalker but I never did get your name. I’m two houses away so just knock and say you’re the stalker looking for me and I’ll know. Then I’ll tell you my name and we’ll live happily ever after.

Hey guys! Haven’t written in a while so I just decided to colour this page a bit. This story kind of really happened two days back on my way from work and I’m still waiting to see if I can find the young man.

P.S. He wasn’t a real stalker. 

Have an awesome weekend guys!!!

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To her Lover…

This was written by Ijeoma Unachukwu, one of the smartest people I know and soon to be oga the law! She amazes me with the amount of energy she has and when I read this about a year ago, I knew I had to put it up so cheers to all of you – This is from IJ!!
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Oya make yanga

Someone told me that he’s in the university of the streets, school of hard knocks. I know I’ve heard the saying sometime before but at that particular moment it hit me – I have been going through this uni on a particular drug! I admit it – i’m a grace junkie!!!
Moreover, the university of the streets is affiliated with the university of life and my daddy founded the university of life!!! I just need to remember that and walk in that knowledge – whatever I need He gives me. I have that favour from Him!!!
Anyway today isn’t about that, i’m here to introduce to you Yangamall!!! Oya time to make Yanga! If you haven’t heard you’re seriously dulling!!! Its an online shopping mall to cater to all your shopping needs and upon launch, there would be a wide selection of carefully selected first-class products including groceries, home essentials, fashion products, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Books, Healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more, at attractive prices and timely promotions.
Yanga Mall 4 days
Its just 4 days to launch! We are counting down oh!!! For now though, follow or like YangaMall on every social media you belong to for updates!!! Just click and you’d be redirected. Don’t worry if you want to click more than one … the links would open in different tabs.
Like the facebook page:
If you are on LinkedIn, you can follow the Company page:
All my Twitter peeps, follow and tell others to follow too!!! Yangamall would follow back 🙂
Pinterest Boards are here:
Yangamall will surely have some of the stuff you see on Pinterest!
For Google Plus  as well, click here:
And I cannot leave without leaving an Instagram ID! Search for @YangaMall
Keep counting down! Remember just 4 days to go! Have a great week ahead guys!!! Till tomorrow #MakeYanga