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Love One Four 16.0

‘If I speak in the tongues of men or angels but do not have love,

I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.


If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge,

And if I have faith that can move mountains, but do not have love,

I am nothing.


If I give all my possessions to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love,

I gain nothing.’


It’s summer time!!!

A.K.A. Long vacation A.K.A. 3rd term holiday!

This translates in my books to lots of free time!!! What better time than now to talk about love? True love is in our daily activities and relationships with each other –

Its in the old lady we help to cross the street and the little brother we watch over and over ‘delaying’ you because he wants to tie his laces like a ‘big boy’.

Its in washing the dishes even though your mum complains about something every time and borrowing your friend your helmet even after he crashed your bike.

Its in saying sorry when you hurt someone and giving out smiles to random strangers even when they insist on being rude.

Thanks for being patient with me! It’s finally here – Love One Four!!! By God’s grace, this is going to be an annual guest write-in segment. The theme for this year is ‘1 Corinthians 13’- the popular love chapter. It was a feat somewhat trying to divide the chapter into fourteen topics for these fourteen talented writers. My first shout out goes to them – Thanks for agreeing to write and taking your time to turn in these beautiful pieces. I appreciate you all.

That said, we’re exploring love from God’s perspective but trust me it can be applied to humans too. It’s what we call AGAPE – the unconditional love of God! You might do all the deeds and talk all the talk and fulfil all righteousness but if it doesn’t come from a place of love then you’re just wasting your time!

Welcome to Love One Four 2016!!!

Here are a few excerpts from our writers:

I am to love God first by obeying and doing his will and then, I am to love and care about others the way I do about myself. Love thinks about others first, it will build others and not tear them down, and this also will encourage others to pursue God’s will for their lives.

  • Siri


The protective nature of love always helps us to feel at peace and guarded. We know that we are never alone.


  • Demiladeayo



And you too can be a work in progress, who says you can’t be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously???? Who??


  • TheInspiredCutiee



The needy person who understands this would begin to try to meets needs of others not because he has suddenly stopped being needy but because he is indeed very needy.


  • Diazno



Love is more than mere words; love is a word-turned-substance by deed.


  • Engiee

There’s a special treat as well. There’s an image ‘quote version’ of every post so you can keep it with you as a reminder – Your personal love one four memento!!!

So strap in, let’s get ready for the ride.

Ganaija fam, it’s


Keep in mind,

‘’Love never fails.’’

 Ghanaijachic. 🙂

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My Love Word II – Day 6

Today’s write in is by another friend of ganaijachic. She’s @KingShekie and some of her works here include Different and I don’t know. Feel free to check them out. Now though let’s enjoy ‘My Love Word’.

P.S. Dont forget to check out her blog Happy Valentine’s Day!

The last image I have as I lay to sleep is you

The first image I have as I wake is you

The pain squeezing my heart is you

The peace freeing my soul is you

The tears that roll down my eyes is you

The smiles that stretch out my lips is you

The nervousness that unsettles me is you           

The confidence that stabilizes me is you

The curses I shout is because of you

The blessings I profess is because of you

The sad songs on the radio is you

The love songs on the radio is you

The punches I throw is you

The kisses I place is you

The hands I push away is you

The hugs I embrace is you

My love word is you.

You with all your complications and confusion

You with all your beauty and blessings


Love One-Four

I have never really considered myself a ‘love’ expert or anything of the sort so writing this was a bit challenging. I feel that love is one of the most complicated and beautiful things in the world so writing about it, I had to do justice to it. It is easy to pick a simple word like care, sacrifice or even understanding but I feel like they are too one dimensional to explain such a multi-dimensional word. Love is complicated. Everyone has their own definition of the word, but here is mine.  

Hope you enjoyed that! I did!! Also check out My Love Word I!!! 🙂 Later today we’ll have Valentine’s Day and Love by Engiee so for now, have an awesome day! :*

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21st Century Fairytale I – Day 5

Today’s writer is another talented young lady who I stumbled across. I saw one piece of hers and I had to go looking for more and I was really impressed so when this came up, I decided that you guys needed to hear her too. She is @deaduramilade and she blogs at Out of My Head. Here’s her take on 21st Century Fairytale …

Fairytales are fun. They make you feel good and fluffy inside. You can find your “Prince Charming” and have your happy ending. Your “happily ever after”.

Everyone believes in love and fairytales and happily ever afters. That’s why even after a terrible relationship or a date that doesn’t work out, you still put yourself out there and keep on going on crappy dates until you find your special someone.

Girls will deny it but deep down we wouldn’t mind a Prince Charming, or a knight-in-shining-amour, who’ll rescue us from the evil stepmother or break the curse. And climb a thousand mountains and cross a hundred seas just to be with us.

Guys would say no, but really they want to swoop in and be the hero who slays the fire breathing dragon and saves the damsel-in-distress.

But fairytales are just that: fairytales.

In reality, there are no happily ever afters and you don’t get to be a hero. There’s no love at first sight.

You meet someone and you’re first attracted to the person. You go on dates and learn about each other. You decide that from everything you’ve seen, this person is worth more of your time. But you know they’re not perfect so you live with it because at the end, this person makes you happy.

So our 21st Century Fairytale isn’t random, the-stars-aligned-and-we-belong-together. It’s a conscious decision. You decide to be with someone after a series of dates and all that pizzazz. You want this person with you, by your side – warts and all – regardless of the doubts you have that you’re not good enough for her; or he’s too good for you.

After that, you decide that you’re going to stick with this person and work through whatever issues that come up/

You accept that you’re vulnerable with this person. And you want to be able to share yourself with them.

And that’s how you create your happy ever after.

The End.

Love One-Four

Maybe fairytales do exist, maybe they don’t – What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to drop a comment in the comment box. Follow on twitter @Ghanaijachic and like our facebook page Ganaija. Have a great day and tomorrow we have twoposts – My Love word II and Valentine’s day and Love!

Tata for now 🙂