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21st Century Love – Day 2

We are no stranger to @Swansparkle here on ganaijachic. She’s written in again on Love One-Four and in case you haven’t seen anything she’s done here are some of her posts on here:

Happiness and there’s a link in Not Easily Broken as well!

She’s a very talented writer and one of the people whose consistency in writing keeps me motivated. Again I’m rambling! Anyway, let’s look at her view on 21st century love and there’s a link to her blog at the end.

Early last year, I encountered something that changed the way I saw relationships and romance and all that is gooey and sweet. I went to meet up with a female friend who had brought a guy friend along because she knew about my love for music and the guy just happens to be studying music (at a masters level). We talked, and we laughed and it was all well and good, and then I had to leave them to go for my driving lesson. As I got up from my seat at the table, the guy got up too. I kid u not. He got up, with his hands behind his back! A sign of respect I have only read about in 18th century romance novels! I ask you, when and where in this century, except maybe in Buckingham palace anyone has ever seen such?! I’m willing to bet that it’s only in dreamland. This is a black boy, in case anyone was wondering. And no, he wasn’t trying to date me. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.
Now I’m not 50. I know what year this is. But you see, love isn’t patient or kind anymore; love just wants to get some every other night! I think people have stopped caring about the right things. They don’t really want what’s best for their partner anymore because they often have more than one. For better or worse has been reduced to “I can’t stand your morning breath, I want a divorce”! It’s all about how much money a dude has or how often a girl is willing to put out and the state of relationships is worsening year after year.

Call me old fashioned but, I like the way things were with our parents. When people were a lot more cautious and responsible. When parents monitored courtships. Do we even have those anymore? It’s like relationships have lost purpose and everything is a silly little game now. Finding a decent anybody is the stuff of legend, and the world’s excuse is that this is the 21st century! Right. I do think things can change though, maybe if people started taking more risks and made an effort. I believe in trust and being faithful and yes, I get laughed at for that, but I’ve seen the couples that have been married for 70 yrs and I’m the kinda girl that wants that. I’ll take the respect and the kindness any day over the z10s and galaxy s5. But that’s just me. Ask yourself though, what does love mean to you now and is it love or convenience?

Love One-Four

 So its up to you to decide – Love or Convenience! Click here for more Swansparkle and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Jack’s take on Picture Perfect Love!!

So what exactly is Love? – Day 1

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Love I

There’s a book called ‘The Five Love Languages‘ that I heard about today and I can’t complete my post until I read it but here’s what I think anyway:

There are different love languages hence the title. Four of them are:
• Gifts • Sweet words • Touching • Quality time
They are pretty self – explanatory. People have different ways of expressing love and different forms of love they respond to. If Miss A feels like gifts are a way to express your love for her, she won’t pay much attention to your little compliments though Miss B loved it when you did that.
Advice: When you’re dealing with people, try and figure out what they like and how they respond to situations. Knowing people’s love languages is key to getting people to trust you. Do not abuse this privilege though. “Often it takes one person to create a friendship” and the basic thing we’re lacking in today’s world is communication and this is mainly due to lack of trust. So if in small decisions and minute situations, we learn to use our knowledge of love languages to gain people’s trust and open lines of communication, most conflicts would be averted. I’m not sure I totally understand what I’m saying right now but I’ll hold off until I actually read the book.
Therefore in the fashion of a typical Nollywood movie …. “WATCH OUT FOR PART II!!!”