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Love One-Four 16.8

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Love does not dishonor others

Love is not self-seeking

‘… It is not easily angered …’

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Today’s piece is by my G baby, G mama, my one and only Glory!!!! She’s an amazing human being and is literally a ball of energy …. I’m pretty sure I might haave gotten on her nerves aa few times but she stills loves me. Another thing, she’s an amazing story teller so we always have fun writing stories and scripts together. Well, I’ve been known to have a tendency of talking too much so let’s just get on with Glory’s take on ‘Love is not easily angered’.

Love is not easily angered: Love never fails.

Teju was scared – Scared to the bone!!! You know that feeling you have when you know obviously that there is no escape plan. There is no excuse, no lie you can tell to defend yourself. There is actually no use of trying. This is it. This is it! It’s the Last and final time. In short no more time. Have you ever been in those shoes?!

Well Teju was in it. How could she have done it again?  After everything?! How could she have been so stupid?! Stupid is even an understatement because her eyes were opened. Fully opened! She knew what she was doing but damned the consequences. Funny part is that she knew she was being watched. Yes! She knew. But still the pleasure just for a moment clouded the treasure for the long time. She so wanted it badly. Did you get that?! She WANTed it badly yet her NEED was met!

She took hold of her want blind siding her need. And after the pleasure yet still not satisfied, what does she do next?!

 2016-06-24 12.22.30


You thought right!!

Oh No she didn’t, (Oh Yes she did!)

Why should she?! (Why shouldn’t she?).

She had messed up (haven’t you?! Severally?!! Don’t judge!)

Others had rejected her, even the pleasure had used her up (Can’t you relate) The best thing was to run away but she tried her need.


Walking towards her last option, head bowed, heart pumping hard, hands shaking.. She stood face to face.

She: (head bowed, tears flowing) I’ve messed up

Need: I know

She: I don’t know what came over me.

Need: (silence)

She: (starts ranting) I’m sorry! Truly and deeply sorry. I can’t do this any longer. I’m tired. Really tired. I’m a mess … I know you are tired of me too. I know you are angry. I know you don’t even want me…

Need: I am not angry!

And as she finally lifted her head up, she beheld the face but couldn’t understand what she was seeing. The bright face with the huge smile, shining white teeth, sparkling blue eyes with hands stretched out for a welcoming hug. She was perplexed.

 And all she could say was WHY?!

Why are you welcoming me?! Who exactly are You?!


I AM sees beyond your pleasures and into your Heart.. Remember I am spirit and know all things.

I AM understands your situations… Remember I came as a man to walk through those paths.

So I know how it feels that’s why I don’t get angry easily.

I turn your mess into my Message,

I am your Need and not your Want…

And when you finally seek Need…

I am Found… I have always been here… Remember I will always be with YOU.

So I definitely do not fail…

Because I AM…



         Love doesn’t get angry easily (1Cor 13:5)

         Love certainly doesn’t fail (1Cor 13:8)

         Just recognize your need…God is Love 

  • Glory


Just because love isn’t easily angered doesn’t mean we should provoke love to anger. No aspect of love is independent of the other as you might have noticed by now. Because love is patient, it is not easily angered and because it is not self-seeking, it doesn’t seek to anger as well. So I’ll leave you with Gee’s words again:

‘Just recognise your need … God is LOVE’ and

‘’Love never fails.’’


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7th October 2012


This question would make most of us come up with really long lists I know. Why not just try, the worst that can happen is that you fail. And when you fail, hang on its not the end of the world – Learn from your mistakes and move on!

Have a great week!!!

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1st July 2012

Its July! Happy new month and welcome to 2012 part 2!!!

I’ve decided to change our quickie style a little this time around … The quickie’s in the image. Have a blessed month!

Always learn from your mistakes.  ‘Mistakes are steps leading you to become a better person’Find out where you went wrong and don’t do it the next time. The key is to actually discover your mistake so you can move on from it.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Instead pick yourself up!’

                                                 – Bondess007

Have a great week.