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15th April 2012

“‘NOT ACCEPTED’ does not translate to ‘REJECTED'”
– Rev Mike Addai

The fact that someone does not choose you for a position or something you really want is given to someone else over you, doesn’t mean that you are worthless or of no use at all in that situation. It just means that that isn’t your field at the moment.
Have a great week!!!

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Goals the SMART way.

This is just something I learned yesterday and had to share with you all … Enjoy!

In life, we are told to set goals so we can measure our successes by conquering our goals and setting new targets. Its not just about setting goals. We need to set SMART goals, smart being:
S: Specific
We need to set specific goals. Your goal should be ‘I want to lose 20 pounds’ not ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I’m putting myself on a budget of N1000 per week’ not ‘I want to stop spending too much money’. I’m sure by now you get the drift. So when setting goals, set specific goals.
M: Measurable
Next your goals should be measurable. You should set goals in which you can track your success. If you can measure your progress, you’re motivated to keep on going. Therefore your goals should be such that you can measure your progress.
A: Attainable
Set goals that are attainable. If a goal is not reached, then there is a great blow to one’s self-esteem. Also if its not likely to be achieved, there really is no motivation there so make sure that goals you set can be achieved.
R: Realistic
There’s a difference between a ‘dream’ and a ‘goal’. A dream involves mostly imagination, wishful thinking and a large dose of hope but a goal should be realistic. You may wish to walk on the sun someday and hope for that but you don’t set a goal towards walking on the sun. Your goals are tailored according to your environment and according to your situation in which case you must make your goals as realistic as possible.
T: Time Bound
Set a time limit for goals. The pressure of time works as extra fuel for our resolve. When we have deadlines to get work done, we are often extra motivated. In other words, set a deadline for achieving your goals.

That’s it!!! Setting goals the smart way. Hope you learned from it …. Have a great day!!!

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27th November 2011

When I dropped yesterday’s post, I didn’t think about the fact that today’s Sunday but here goes:

If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention
– From the movie ‘Sister Act’

You can’t sit down and do nothing and expect life to happen to you. You have to get up and go and make things happen. The same way your shoes have the ability to move but cannot move an inch without you moving them, you have various talents and abilities waiting to be made manifest. So today make a decision to get up and GO!!!