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Proposal fever!!!

Ladies, we say we want grand gestures – a proposal on the beach, the top of the empire state building, a dozen roses and candles but what happens when this gestures go wrong? I just laughed after reading the story of a guy who lost the engagement ring in the sand!!! Click on the link below:

Marriage proposal goes awry when brain surgeon loses ring in the sand | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

And gentlemen, when you want to make it big, please please and please, either have a back up plan in case something goes wrong or take extra measures to pay attention to the details and make sure that the key ingredient – THE RING – is easily accessible.

I’ve included links to some over-the-top proposal videos (some great, some not-so-great) and I’ll soon start a 7-part series on ‘What attracts what?’ so stay connected!!!

Mob dance leads to marriage proposal

Proposal at graduation

Big screen proposal

Proposal: Bride ends up in the hospital!!

Just plain weird proposal

I think that’s enough joh. Personally, I believe the fewer elements involved the better. Turn a simple romantic gesture into one of the most important days of both your lives.At the end of the day it depends on her personality (or his :-s)!  Nevertheless, whatever you decide to do, however you decide to do it, be sure you’re doing it with the right person and may God bless your union.

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4th March 2012

“Don’t play hard to get, play hard to forget”
– Unknown

I’m sure the first thought that comes to our minds is relationship oriented. But in everything you do, whatever area of life you find yourself, let your aim be ‘to be hard to forget’ because if you’re hard to forget you’re an asset and as no one is indispensable, though you may be replaced, your impact has been felt.
So have a great week y’all and remember to do something that would leave YOUR mark.

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Random Ish … What do you all think?

Listen up people! This is a just the tip of the iceberg … Just listen and learn and feel free to disagree!

So ladies …
1. Beauty attracts a guy but wisdom makes him stay.
2. Elegance catches his attention but intelligence convinces him.
3. Nagging irritates guys but ‘constructive silence’ weakens them.
4. The ‘boy’ in every man pumps out occasionally, your ability to handle this is your truest maturity.
5. Every guy has secret struggles and silent pains. Should you ever find them out, exhibit the greatest maturity.
6. In the long-run your ‘words’ matter more to a man than your ‘looks’. So start from now to invest the right words.
7. Earn a man’s respect and he will consider you the yard stick for all his actions.
8. Learn to mold the moods of your man.
9. Men will naturally give you their futures if they can recall your maturity in yesterday’s issues..
10. Women are every where but queens are scarce. Let the queen in you come alive and he will hold you in high esteem.

And guys …
1. Never start as ‘just friends’ with a lady you want to set p with … It would not go anywhere.
2. When she likes you she tries by all means to make some sort of contact … A pat, a touch or a hug!!!
3. Don’t assume every woman’s the same … Because Ann likes teddies doesn’t mean Rose likes them as well.
4. A girl would rather get a ‘Just thinking about you’ text than a two hour conversation where you guys don’t really say much …
5. Most times when you hurt her and she says ‘get out’, she really means ‘hold me close’
6. If she tries to change you too much, most likely you won’t be satisfied with her …
7. The little things you do matter most …
8. Give her space enough to be with her girls … Let her make the choice to be with you all the time 🙂
9. Do not be jealous of her male friends and start hoarding her. She chose you after all and it is so unattractive but a little jealousy doesn’t hurt once in a while 😉
10. Every lady likes to be told she looks good and she’s beautiful so NEVER hesitate to throw out a compliment!!!

That’s just from my point of view … Feel free add to this list. You just might save someone’s life … Lol!
Hope you enjoyed it!!!