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Hi guys! It’s another week … Hope you had an amazing week last week!!!!  Here are the quickies from last week. For today’s tid-bit, click here. The recap posts of weekly quickies will end next week 😦 Have another awesome week!

14th April 2013

Wash your face every morning in a bath of praise.


15th April 2013

The value of a thing is shown in the time invested in it.


16th April 2013

No matter how long the night is, there is always morning after.

Light after Dark

17th April 2013

There is a difference between between influence and authority.

Influence and Authority

18th April 2013

Follow principles, get success!

Principle to Success

19th April 2013

Age is just a number, maturity is a choice.



20th April 2013

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.


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Happy Easter!!!

Okay people! One day I would NEVER forget is 1st April 2012!!! Yes, last week Sunday. It taught me one very valuable lesson – not that I didnt know it before but it made me reevaluate the gravity of the message – ‘You can praise God in anything you do’

It started off with the International Student Association’s annual Praise Day and ended with a dinner organised by my hostel fellowship. Right from the beginning of the day, there was praise on my lips and I just felt very different – happy – the whole day!!!

This season of Easter, let us imbibe the praise culture. Its the perfect time to praise God. Praise Him for sending His Son to die for you and give you another chance at life. Praise Him because you can tap into the resurrection power of Christ. Every situation that seems dead in your life, or that has lost consciousness so to speak, believe in the resurrection power and tap into it. Jesus seemed dead for 3 days but He’s alive now!!!

Go out and scream it from the rooftop – Halleluyah! He Arose!! He’s Alive!!!

I really don’t have much to say but as you enjoy your easter candy, remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

Have a blessed Easter!!!


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Unconditional praise

Praise is what I do when I wanna be close to God, praise is who I am, I will praise Him when I can and even when I’m going through whatever, I will praise God anyhow.
If all I have are my feet, I will dance with all my might;
If all I have is my voice, my ‘Hallelujah’ will be the loudest;
If all I have are my hands; I will clap and wave to worship Him;
With my talent and my skills, with all He’s blessed me with, just for the life I have in me, I will praise Him for evermore cos an incredible God deserves incredible praise!!!

I just wanna spread the ‘praise bug’ today!!! Forget what you’re going through, count your blessings and praise God for what He’s done. Praise Him just for who He is ….

Its a new month, the first day of the first month in the second quarter of year 2012. This April I’ll be having a few special friends writing in …. They’ll be our special April guests and I hope you enjoy their words as much as I’ve come to and learn a thing or two.

Happy new month people! And continue the rest of the year in God’s favour!!! Know that He’s searching for a child that would love Him and give Him their all! Is that you?