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Love One Four 16.5

In case you missed the last posts:

Love is Patient

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Love does not envy

Love does not boast

‘… It is not proud.’

Engiee is not a stranger on ganaijachic – She really needs no introduction. She has a few pieces on here that you can check out. Here’s her piece for the last Love 14 (Valentine’s Day and Love). She blogs at so make sure you check her out.




Ganaija fam, here’s one of our own – Engiee!!!

Love will go on its knees and rather not have its way;
Although love is the greatest of all, it goes unnoticed by the greatest of people, working within the most lowly of hearts.
Love will never be full of itself, it is constantly emptying into broken vessels and sticking the pieces together.
Love is more than mere words; love is a word-turned-substance by deed.
Love is the most precious gift, deeply it warms the hearts of those who receive it.
Love is a seed that grows, how beautiful it’s tree;
it feeds the needy and is a shelter for the storm, for it dances through the winds and waves but still stands strong, sitting beautifully in its roots.
Love is a pregnant baby; when it is born it gives birth to another and then to another.
There is no mature stage in which it is to fructify. Every little act of love is enough to produce another.
Love is the smallest thing that is the greatest thing; for a little showing of love is of remarkable outcome.
Love would step down from royalty and make suffering its preference, just to drag the poor out of prison;
Love would leave all of its glory to replace the undeserving and become the payment of their debt.



Nothing should compare to the value of love for the mark it leaves is of eternal worth.
Love is sacrifice. It shows no weakness;
it demonstrates strength.
Love is the lowliest, it endures pain;
Love is the greatest yet it does not boast;
Love multiplies, it does not end;
Love is everything yet it is not proud;
Love will stand by you, it is never far away;
Love fulfils every promise, it pushes forward..
Love never gives up;
Love never fails.

  • Engiee

Love never stops giving – It doesn’t select who to love neither does it select how to love. Don’t place your worth in your love – Kind of like not boasting in your deeds – Let your love be sacrificial because a man is only as strong as his weakest point and if you feel love makes you weak, then have no fear because:

‘’Love never fails.’’


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… and then …

I was one of the writers in a series @Achi_va (remember him?) started – 7 deadly sins.  Well, I wanna say thanks for all the love on INVIDIA and like I promised I’m back with part II! I just needed a little time so enjoy …

We know now that envy is borne of feelings of inferiority. We may have resolved not to be envious but still people around us envy us. It’s natural when you’re moving up for people to be envious of you in life. The question is ‘Are you attracting more envy than you need to?’ Take Joseph as an example. He had it going well for him. His father loved him to pieces and because of that his older brothers hated him. Don’t you think if Joseph had not been so arrogant about his dreams and toned down his attitude he would have been better off? They were sparks quite alright but he ignited their fire. You may not be in complete control over how people feel toward you but with loving attitudes and actions, you’ll feel a lot better about them.

Saul became David’s enemy because he was jealous of David’s success. The intriguing fact is that he wasn’t jealous because David killed the Philistine but because of the people’s song:

‘Saul has killed thousands,

And David his ten thousands’

1Samuel 18:7

He was so proud of his achievements that he didn’t believe there was room for anyone else. Pride also leads to jealousy because with pride no one is ‘allowed’ to be better than you. It didn’t just stop there and pass but he tried to get rid of David.

9 so from that time Saul kept a jealous eye on David. 10 (…) But Saul had a spear in his hand, 11 and he hurled it at David, intending to pin him to the wall.’

1Samuel 18

That’s where envy comes in. It creates suspicion, fear and perhaps some level of paranoia. Most people believe that at least when one gets to the top you have no reason to envy anyone. WRONG!!!


Leadership is an opportunity to serve God and others but even leaders want THE top job. Don’t blame it on the position you are. Aaron and Miriam were envious of Moses at some point though they were very important people among the Israelites. They criticised Moses about his Cushite wife but was it because of their love for God or their feelings of jealousy? Be careful of your motives when you do things!!!


‘Oh, don’t worry; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant!’

2Cor 10:12

It’s basically simple. Rachael and Leah for example – they had more in common than a husband; they were sisters! It is common knowledge that Jacob loved Rachael more but due to the fact that she was so focused on what she didn’t have that her sister had, she became desperate and lost sight of that fact. Comparison leads to envy so beware of that. Again be content and adopt an attitude of gratitude!


For a generation that prides itself on being independent, we let the media do a whole lot of deciding for us. They tell us what to wear, what to eat, how to look, how to walk, even down to who the perfect guy/girl is. Pretend like you don’t follow the trend but you do one way or the other. Anyway, because people don’t have ‘WHAT IT TAKES’ according to the media’s standards, they become envious of those who do. Be happy that you are where you are. Jesus said it’s impossible for a rich person to enter heaven so maybe you just don’t have that thing because you would focus so much on it that you just might miss the main thing. When you’ve learnt to keep the main thing the main thing, then it’ll come!

People around you may influence your opinion as well. If you are always around someone who keeps putting you down, you start to believe you are that person they’ve made you to be and then it goes back to inferiority. Again there are characters you pick from your closest friends whether you like it or not and the tendency for y’all to hate on someone (especially girls) ‘just because’ is there.

Don’t get me wrong, looking at someone to motivate you is not being envious. You want to reach a certain level NOT pass a certain person. There’s nothing wrong with that. Again check your motives because the mind is a very powerful force. Your attitude determines your altitude – Envy keeps you down because you are planning someone’s downfall. You cannot pull someone down from the top of a ladder so you have to stay down to pull down.

It is not wrong to be rich or to be intelligent or to be confident about who you are – just don’t rub it in people’s faces and if you are not as …………… as you would like to be, work on yourself; just don’t hate on anyone else in the process.

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3rd June 2012

This is our first June quickie:

If your mind cannot be affected, your life cannot be amended.

– Pastor Osiri Wisdom

You need to have a teachable spirit to move forward in life. When you need help, ask for it. If it is offered and you need it, accept it. You should be open to people’s opinions without bias – that way you are completely objective in your decision making and you can accept tips that would make the ultimate decision more efficient.

Have a beautiful June!!!