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Independent Nation, Independent People?

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!
I woke up expecting the usual Naija comments that somehow creep up every year:
‘What are we celebrating?’
‘Independence Day for what?’
‘What have we got to show for it?’
And the like. It got me thinking and I decided that although Nigeria has a lot to be thankful for and she is independent , her people may not really be independent. I mean think about it – in this day and age, we are governed by our minds – we can go only as far as our minds take us. Many Nigerians of today have given up on her or are simply resigned to fate.
Nigeria of today (and I refer to the people because she is her people) needs to be liberated from the prison of her mind. She is a slave to the ‘E go better’, ‘It’s not my fault’ and ‘Everybody’s doing it’ mentalities. The truth of the matter is that there are other schools of thought but most Nigerians generally fall into one or more of these three categories and here’s why I think it’s tricky to walk on those grounds.
E go better
We all want Nigeria to be better and we pray for her all the time but are we doing anything? The problem with this mentality is that we keep doing the same things and expecting different results. We are relying on ‘that’s how things have always been done’. Well, NEWSFLASH! Things have not been working well so far and so things need to change!!! E go better but it starts with you!
It’s not my fault
Yeah, it’s usually the government’s fault but when you think about it – the people in power are yesterday’s ‘crowd’. Take responsibility for cleaning up your street. Take responsibility for not collecting bribe and going through the proper protocol. Take responsibility by waiting for traffic to move instead of taking that one way street shortcut. Te government is certainly not responsible for your actions so take responsibility for yours first and leave the government to face their music.
Everybody’s doing it
This is the oldest line in the book. I remember when we were younger and my mum would say ‘So if everybody is putting their hand in fire, would you?’ Well right now, I just might 😉 Lol! But honestly, if you corrected your actions and B corrected his and C corrected hers and we all did the right thing, who’s the ‘everybody’ doing the wrong thing?
Great Nigerians, we need to understand that WE are Nigeria! River Niger and River Benue are not Nigeria, Aso Rock is not Nigeria but we are. We are representatives and ambassadors of our great nation so wherever we go we have an impression to make, a lesson to teach. We have great potential in us and we need to liberate our minds and build ourselves individually and ultimately as a nation.
Look at how Ebola was dealt with and Nigeria has been declared Ebola free in a space of about two months. Great Nigerians, let this day serve as a reminder that we can do much more but there is a lot to be thankful for – we need to appreciate the blessing of our nation, go to God and pray for an intervention for our nation and strive to develop the people of our nation.


Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!!

And signing out in the words of the Chocoholic girl, ‘A toast to Nigeria for a lesser country would not have survived this long! GOD BLESS NIGERIA’

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Single is …. (I promise there’s something there :D)

Hehehe! Okay everyone … Here’s what I promised in yesterday’s post! 🙂
I was listening to Myles Munroe’s ‘Maximising Your Singleness’ the other day and I realised that most people don’t really understand what it means to be single. We believe that:

Singleness = Unmarried = Incomplete = Unhappy

I know at this point most of us would have started disagreeing and concluded that this is nonsense but humour me for a few minutes.
‘Why do most people rush into relationships with the first available person?’
‘Why do most people out of relationships (especially the girls) do whatever possible to make potential partners notice them?’
‘Why are most people willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how much they have to compromise on their standards, to keep their partners?’
These are just a few questions we should ask ourselves to catch a glimpse of how obsessed the society is with pairing.

‘Single’ is separate, unique and whole!

Separate means different and distinct, viewed as a unit apart or by itself – here’s the only part we acknowledge – not joined or united with others.
Unique refers to something that is the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.
Whole is complete or entire.

Let’s put them together:
 Single can be defined as a different and distinct entity, the only one of its kind, complete or entire viewed as a unit apart or by itself unlike anything else and usually not joined or united with others.

One major misconception in this life is looking for the right person instead of being the right person. Most people strive to be ‘paired’ that they forget to be single first. You know what amazes me most? You can’t be paired if you’re not whole – People don’t get that. Check this out:
If you’re a fraction, say 2/3. You meet a whole – that’s 1 and you’re supposed to form a pair, 2.

2/3 + 1 = 12/3

The union is never complete. At this stage, you’re trying to manage 12/3 so you can’t focus on building the fraction to make 2 but while you’re still ‘not joined’, it’s easier to build your 1 and become the right person ready to be paired.

Someone once said that our major problem in this generation is that we live in a fast track world – We want everything NOW!
In preparing to be the right person however, we invest more in our bodies than our minds forgetting that it takes more to sustain a relationship than our bodies. The funny part of it all is that in investing in our bodies, today’s society has somewhat accepted trashy for classy. Classy always has been ‘stylish AND sophisticated’.

Maximize your singleness, use it to develop your wholeness.
                Don’t just pick someone out because they are available. 
                                Be picked out because you are the picture of godly person.

Singleness is not a status but a quality of life.
The quality of a thing is determined by the time spent on it so to improve your quality …
Depend on God and allow Him lead you – when you need help, stop and ask Him for directions!

One more thing – remember that SINGLE is not ALONE. Man is a social being and therefore needs people around him. We need relationships just as ships relate with one another – We need to share our cargo with each other because we don’t carry all we need. Therefore do not be isolated or solitary. Use your singleness to find your purpose.

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Have an awesome weekend!!!

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2nd December 2012

‘You have to understand that you’re different before you can make a difference.’


Before you can be effective in this world and generally fulfill your purpose, you have to understand that the way you were created is specific to just YOU!!! God created you to put the ‘u’ in Unique. If you want to be great, you have to first accept the fact that you are you and that’s just who you’re meant to be.

Happy new month!