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Love One-Four 16.12

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Love always protects

‘… always trusts …’


We’ve been dissecting love for the past 11 days and we’ve gone from needy love to fairy tale love and everything in between! Today we’re dealing with ‘love always trusts’- Trust being a major issue in our generation. Before I give away too much, let me introduce our writer for today – Her name is Vivien! She’s a pretty and amazing Jesus lover that blogs at




After reading I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this free triber is a great writer so here’s her love one four piece:

Trust. That is one thing I’ve always given out perhaps too easily and I’ve been betrayed and fallen victim to scammers because of it. One would think that this attribute would translate into my relationship with Jesus but the situation is quite on the contrary (maybe because humans have broken my trust quite a number of times?). In my daily walk with Him, I’ve realized that trusting… really trusting Him is HARD.

What does it mean to trust someone? To trust means to firmly believe or have confidence in the reliability, truth or integrity of a person. That word ‘firmly’ sounds quite stubborn doesn’t it? Now, I don’t believe that we should hand over our trust to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Nope. You would be setting yourself up for betrayal and heartbreak if you do so. The Bible admonishes us to guard our hearts… To guard something means taking on an active and defensive role to protect something. We have been given the Holy Spirit to help us discern and know who to trust and who not to. I know that if I had sought the opinion of the Holy Spirit and if I had given heed to His little tug in my spirit, I would not have given my trust to anyone who would end up betraying me.

For those in our inner circle like our family, close friends, and especially those with whom we share some level of spiritual, physical and emotional intimacy with (like the guy/lady we are in a relationship with, our spouse or our fiancé/fiancée), it is important to trust them. There is no point being in a relationship with someone if they have proven over and over that they cannot be trusted because “love – trust = frustration & unfulfillment”. The only way we can totally free our significant other to love us unconditionally is by giving him/her our trust. If you cannot trust him/her, you would always be jealous, suspicious, insecure, fearful, worried and possessive and this can drain the life out of any relationship. I know you’ve been hurt and betrayed in the past but the beautiful thing about walking with God is that He constantly urges us to let go of our past and move into the beautiful future He desires for us.

1 Corinthians 13:7 (MSG) says that love

“Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.” (Emphasis placed by me).




Throughout the scripture we see our Heavenly Father calling us to trust Him, assuring us of His love, telling us of his power and might and ability and all of this is to inspire us to trust Him always. Page by page in His word we see Him inviting us to ‘taste and see’ that He is good, invoking trust for Him in our hearts. I mean, who better is there to trust than the one who created you Himself?

I love that scripture in 1 John 4:18 (ERV),

“Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear. It is His punishment that makes a person fear. So His love is not made perfect in the one who has fear.”

Our Abba wants us to be secure in His love for us! He wants us to know that his love for us is perfect and unconditional so we should have no fear that He would leave us or not keep to His word! It is the desire of the devil to make us not to trust in God’s love for us. He wants us to be insecure about it. That’s why he torments us with his lies like, “After that thing you did, do you think God will answer your prayers?” “With the way you keep gossiping after several decisions to stop doing so, are you sure you’re really a child of God?” but honey you’ve got to resist him! That’s what he wants, for us to stop trusting and start doubting our Abba so that he can fully come in and destroy our lives.

I mean, God doesn’t just love us like a one-size-fits-all kind of thing… He loves us personally, each and every one of us. He knows us by our names and knows the number of hairs on our head. He even stores up our tears in a bottle! Our tears are important to Him too; it doesn’t get more intimate and attentive than that, if you ask me!

I’m going over all of this to remind you and me to trust Him because He loves us. Trust is something that is built over time through constant relationship. If God is asking you to leave that job, trust Him that He has something better for you. If He is calling you to step into your calling or purpose, trust that He who called you will sustain you till the end because He alone knows the future. Love always trusts God to come through, no matter how bleak the future may seem. I’m sure there are times when we have not trusted our partners or those close to us, there are times when their words have not matched their actions and so we are afraid to let go and open up and be vulnerable to avoid being hurt again. This is because they are human and there is only so much that they can do. But Abba is asking us to be confident in Him and totally rely on Him because He is perfect and only Him can give us the perfect love our soul desires. Man will always fall short.

Instead of constantly trying so hard to hold His hands and keep slipping, why not trust that He is holding you up with His right hand and will never let go? Instead of constantly feeling like you do not love Him enough, why not accept His perfect love for you and ask Him to teach you how to love Him? When we trust Him completely, we come to realize that He never ever fails. His love never ever fails. It may not seem like it right now but you will look back on your life someday and see that trusting Abba really paid off.

I pray that His spirit works in us to inspire our trust in Him more and more. And I pray that He leads us in our trusting others so that we do not open up our hearts or give our trust to the wrong people.

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I honestly can just pull put like five or ten quotes from this piece that I want to use as my wall paper or screen saver to keep reminding me that I need to trust in God no matter how many times man might fail me. Another thing, don’t give up on humanity. Trust that man can be good and trust that true love indeed never fails. Don’t stop loving guys,

‘’Love never fails.’’



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Look Into My Eyes ….

I hate good byes – they hurt too much! This one is even more painful ‘cos i don’t have my glasses this time. Let me explain – See my glasses are my shield and my barrier from letting the world look into my soul. They say the eyes are the windows into the soul.
In other words, its easier to stay disconnected because my glasses give nothing away – tears welling in my eyes are not visible and so i can afford to joke about it and move on instead of getting all emotional touchy feely!


That out of the way, I’ve noticed that we don’t look into people’s eyes anymore. As weird as it sounds, its one way people say ‘I trust you’ and in this generation, trust is a luxury. On the other hand, if you can look me in the eyes and still betray me then you simply are wicked!!!

Due to certain happenings this past week, I’ve learnt a lot about trust. My conclusion is – Don’t expect everyone to think like you. Give out little doses of trust and then let people work to build it. I guess this is the part we call the ‘benefit of the doubt’ so everyone starts my trust account with 1 and its up to you to build it or reduce it but the funny thing is that you can’t just maintain it.

images (1)

This is another session of rambling but right now I’m sort of heart broken – The Ghana part of this Ghanaijachic is coming to an end at least temporarily and it is literally tearing me apart. I sort of wish I didn’t look into so many eyes with my glasses off ‘cos it hurts but I don’t regret it! I love my Ghana fam – Until when next we meet  (seeing as I can’t type anymore as a result of cloudy eyes 😥 ),

Forever Ghanaija!

P.S. Stop avoiding eyes by staring at your phone screens too!

P.P.S. I’m sorry for being REALLY irregular and I promise my next post would be by me!!


P.P.P.S I know it’ll pass but it hurts really bad right now!!! *sigh*

Love you guys!

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Ramblings …

I trusted – I loved – I felt too deeply yet I was betrayed
I cared – I defended – I invested all I had into it but what did I get?
I feel used – I feel fooled – I feel taken advantage of but it’ll fade
I was willing to bet you’d changed; that everything was over but lately I don’t wanna make that bet.

I wanna trust again but its hard
I wanna love again it hurts so bad
The fact that I let you get to me makes me mad
But right now I’d rather be mad than sad
You were more or less all I had.

I’m done feeling blue you have no clue
I can’t let my life be run by you
I think I forgive you, at least I hope I have
I won’t let my emotions because of you starve!

I’d be happy not sappy
I’d be glad not mad
I’d be merry and full of joy
And I won’t be a victim to your ploy
I’d be me, I’d be free
I’d go on a love spree
Just watch and see!!!

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