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21st April 2013

Sometimes all you need to do is show up!


22nd April 2013

Live a life, NOT a lifestyle!!!

Live Life

23rd April 2013

Don’t go dubbing someone else’s style just because. Find yours and work it!


24th April 2013



24th April 2013

 Time moves – whether fast or slow. The point is ‘It moves’ so move with it!


26th April 2013

Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fall.

Fall and Rise

27th April 2013

You know what worry does? – Robs today of its joy and tomorrow of its possibilities.


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Finding Purpose

I know I said Thursday but I couldn’t get on the internet yesterday evening but better late than never yeah? Lets move on.

N.B. Before you go ahead and read this, I’d suggest you read the prelude first by clicking on the link.

Okay that aside, let’s go on. We’ll start with SHAPE. Remember what it means?

You can find out all about Spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 but basically we all have different spiritual gifts. Some people are yet to discover theirs. Examine yourself, your spiritual gift is specific to your purpose. Your unique combination is just right for you.

The state of your Heart is also an important factor in discovering your purpose. What you feed your mind ultimately determines what you enjoy and the kind of person you are in the end. Feed your mind positively for positive output and vice versa. ‘Home is where the heart is they say.’ If your heart is with the homeless then most likely your purpose is tied to helping them in some way.

Abilities are the third part of this formula. Don’t worry – You can’t sing can because your purpose is not in that area. Maybe you can dance, or you draw or you run or you talk a lot or you’re very influential – That’s where your purpose lies so don’t beat yourself up!

Next is your Passion. What do you enjoy doing with all your heart? You have a passion for something, explore it. You have a passion for something, exercise it. You have a passion for something, experience it. Your passion is a gear on your ride to purpose.

Finally, your Experiences. Whatever happened to you did because it would serve as a tool in fulfilling your purpose. Look at everything as a means to an end. God already said He knows the plans He has for you, to prosper you and lead you to an expected end so why fret?

Lets do a quick run through of the some things we should know about purpose

  • God knows your purpose – Only the manufacturer of a product knows its maximum functional ability.
  • Your purpose is made of interconnected phases. In other words everything ultimately leads to a bigger picture.
  • Ignorance of purpose does not deny its existence
  • Ignorance of purpose leads to abuse; abuse of your SHAPE and ultimately your life.
  • Your structure and function are purpose influenced – You are the way you are to fulfill a specific purpose.
  • It is time specific and target specific.

In summary,

Be yourself, you struggle less 

Until you appreciate the fact that you’re different, you’ll never make a difference

Its in God you find your uniqueness

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2nd December 2012

‘You have to understand that you’re different before you can make a difference.’


Before you can be effective in this world and generally fulfill your purpose, you have to understand that the way you were created is specific to just YOU!!! God created you to put the ‘u’ in Unique. If you want to be great, you have to first accept the fact that you are you and that’s just who you’re meant to be.

Happy new month!