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Meeting The Rock

I thought I knew this idiom pretty well. A stitch in time saves nine right? That kinda means it’s better to sew that little hole in your dress so you won’t have a big hole.
Well, I learnt the lesson another way today. A stitch in time saves nine and two hundred naira (excluding time/money to fix the eventual tear).
Okay I’ll give a brief back story – I got on a bike (commercial transport motorcycle) in order to get where I was going faster. On getting there, I started to get off the bike and pay the guy and we both heard ‘tsssssssssss’ – the sound of a tear. My slit was officially lengthened. I got off thinking I could manage it until I turned the skirt and saw the extent of the tear. I just tapped the bike man to take me back home so I could change.
I spent an extra N200 because of this and I was late too but if I fixed it when the slit started to thread, I’d have avoided the issue. Hence a stitch in time saves ….
The main purpose of this post is dealing with Procrastination. It is a deadly habit that has cost some people very precious opportunities. It still boils down to being intentional about your life as well. You know what you want to do and you do it on time. Don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today. Anyway I promised the concluding part of Rockie’s story today so here it is.

The Rock: Hey dear

Rockie: Please don’t call me dear, I don’t know you

The Rock: Yes, you are right, you don’t know me. That’s why I am here to introduce myself.

Rockie: Okay, tell me something I don’t know

The Rock: I love you with an ineffable love

Rockie: Ugh, just stop there! Everyone says that and ironically they all never mean it. Please, just spare me!

The Rock: Everyone isn’t me; I am that I am. I am Love.

Rockie: Ha-ha, you are Love? Really? Interesting! What else are you?

The Rock: I am also Consuming Fire

Rockie: Hmm, fire, I like… So Man is hot… he-he…

The Rock: Well, I am not Man, I am Spirit

Rockie: uhuh, scary…

The Rock: not scary, just Omnipresent

Rockie: Err, what does that mean?

The Rock: It means I am everywhere, I am also Omniscient and Omniancient

Rockie: Okay… Since you are everywhere, this one you are here now, why are you? Don’t you have something better to do? Someone who deserves the attention?

The Rock: I am because I love you, and you are the most important person to me. Haven’t you heard I am a reckless lover? I leave 99 precious things just to search and save one. You are the apple of my eyes.

Rockie: I don’t like apples

The Rock: It’s a figure of speech, it means you are precious and I won’t let anything hurt you

Rockie: Hurt? Please don’t get me started on that. I exist in hurt

The Rock: Everything exists because I am. Trust me, I feel all your hurt and pain. I am here and would always be here for you. I would never leave you…

Rockie: Hmm, so much words from one person, who are you??

The Rock: I am the Trinity, I am the Beginning and the End, I am the Lion and the Lamb, I am the One who is, who was, and who would be, I am the Creator, I am the Undefeated Warrior, I am the Redeemer, I am the one true God, I am Jehovah, I am Yahweh, I am the Rock…

‘Sola ‘Biyi

I’ll see you guys in the next post,


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Meet Rockie

I’ve been feeling a lot stressed lately – like super stressed. I’ve been feeling like I have too much to do but so little time. I know some of you are probably thinking ‘story of my life’.

Well, it’s not like I was complaining, I mean I could balance it all if I didn’t feel like I was being called out on the little things I didn’t manage to get to doing or if I didn’t feel so much pressure to deliver at all cost.

I think I just felt like I was being taken for granted – I was emotionally drained, mentally drained and physically drained.

Anyway one thing I eventually learnt (I’ve been learning it over time though) is the fact that usually the pressure I feel is created by me. Let me explain that – You see some people say I have ‘mummy tendencies’ and I probably do, so I try to help people and then sometimes they start to expect the help as the norm. The amazing thing is that if I said I was done, they’d probably understand but I never can bring myself to the I’m done point.

Don’t get me wrong. Pressure isn’t bad in itself. It’s sometimes the fuel I need to get up off my fat ass and do something but it’s important to strike a balance (remember balance isn’t about apportioning equal but appropriate time and importance). That is why I’m learning to say ‘No’ sometimes now.

Today’s post is to introduce you to someone – first name Rock, last name Bottom. Here’s her story:

Rockie the Bottom Girl

Hi, my name is Rock, although I prefer Rockie. My last name is hilarious; you just ask Gru’s minions they can’t say it with a straight face. I can’t even say it with a straight face!

You may have encountered me in your life time …

Or rather, you would encounter me, yah, I’m awesome like that!

Without me, some people don’t and won’t attain their peak, by the way, not peak milk 🙄
Ironically, some people encamp in my forte, I must admit, I’m a delightful host.

‘Sola ‘Biyi

Rockie’ll be back next post. Have an amazing week and make sure you go get you PVC (Permanent Voters Card) if you’re Nigerian in Nigeria.


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Relativity and Standard

Hi everyone. So I was talking to a colleague the other day and he said he likes girls who cuss because it shows they are smart!

I’m sure some of your expressions mirror mine right now. My first words were: ‘Please how do you define smart?’ because I genuinely needed to know. His answer was the inspiration for this post –


Ummm. No its not! Not completely anyway. I’m the queen of relativity really. I’d fight for people to be compared based on their previous best not the next person’s performance but that doesn’t take away the place of standardized testing. In a school environment for instance, a child who’s 1st in his class with an average of 58% may be said to be intelligent because of his position and another child with an average of 79% may be said to be average because of his class position of 14th. That’s where my relativity theory comes in. As much as I respect the school’s standards (I mean if I were a parent, I’d like to believe I’d send my child to a school with a track record of good external results not just because its expensive or has a nice name), a child coming first should be celebrated but with a low average, he needs to be pushed to do better and not relax in his position. In the same vein, the child with the higher average also needs to be encouraged to do better than his previous best but also should be celebrated for his high average.

But being my inquisitive self, I decided to check the dictionary (Merriam-Webster on my phone) for the meaning of the word smart and it turns out he wasn’t wrong. I was thinking of just definitions 1 and 2 under adjective but I guess he meant definition 3 (I’m pretty sure he didn’t though *slightly evil grin* ).


So I finally agree that she must be smart. Hehehe. The bottom line of this rambling is this – because something can be relative does not throw away the place of standard. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder does not change the society’s generally acceptable definition of beauty nor does one feeling extremely hot in this weather and deciding to walk into the streets naked change the society’s acceptable definition for normal.

Embrace your relativity but always remember there is a standard. Ultimately don’t be pressured by the world’s standards but ALWAYS make sure you’re leaving your best out there.