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Ganaijachic Redefined

Why ganaijachic?
Well, it’s a culture we’re building! When I started this blog, I was a student in Ghana and I am Nigerian – hence ganaija. The chic part was meant to represent that I’m female and I didn’t want to use ‘chick’. Now along the line, when I started considering changing the blog address, I sat down and analysed what would be best. A couple of other names that I love came up but I guess I was just too attached to ganaijachic to transition quickly so the next phase of my analysis begun.
What is ganaijachic?
Obviously ganaija isn’t in the dictionary (just yet! 😉) but to me it was a symbol of two main things:
1) A fusion of cultures:
I love Ghana fufu and Nigerian fufu as different as they are. I love Nigerian jollof and Ghana jollof and, argue with yourself, they are different too. Shitto is bae any day any time in Ghana. I love the richness of culture there plus my skin tone makes me fit in better in Ghana but Nigeria has a hustler’s vibe that is not pronounced in Ghana. It keeps me on my feet and motivates me to strive to be the best version of me. My background is Nigerian and the variety of native soups here is something to keep coming back for. With regards to culture, need I say much? Nigeria itself is a hub of culture.
Yes I’m Ghanaian (in my heart and in my mind 😊) but I’m also Nigerian (in my birth certificate 😂 but also in my heart). I do not need to add other countries to prove a point.
2) Breaking a mould of stereotypes:
Ganaija is more than just Ghana and Nigeria. It cannot box me into being Ghanaian or Nigerian. It shows that I cannot be defined by titles or stereotypes. I am an individual and define who I am independent of these stereotypes. My definitions are more in line with my other hashtags of #JesusBaby #GodsGirl #GraceJunkie and more recently I’ve adopted #TheFathersDaughter. The only thing I allow to define me is my relationship with Abba – the One to whom my life belongs and for whom I live my life. Don’t worry I talk about Him a lot whether I plan to or not. He’s literally my life.
Chic on the other hand means a style or a fad usually referring to fashion but as mould breakers we have to own the term 🤣. It usually refers to a practice or interest followed for a time with exagerrated zeal i.e. following the current fashion or style because that’s what everyone is doing. Here at ‘Break the mould culture fusion’ chic, we have values and principles that don’t change with the times because they have been proven over and over again to work. Opinions can change and perspective might be different but principles stay the same. Yes, we would address issues that are ‘in vogue’ sometimes or give our take on pressing matters but ultimately, our opinions or our take may not necessarily be the trending one.
That being said, welcome to ganaijachic.
I don’t promise I’ll post every week or every month but I promise I’ll post as often as I can.
I needed to do this because I love you all but not just for you, for me too. It’s a new era of intentionality so let’s be intentional!
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Acceptance or Approval?

This is a post I’ve written and re-written in my head over and over again. Acceptance, I believe, is something we all struggle with at some point in our lives. Whether it’s the need to fit in with the ‘cool’ kids at school or to be accepted by ‘friends’ in a social circle. Maybe it’s the struggle to be accepted by the stay-at-home mums who are your neighbours and you have to depend on sometimes because of your 8-5 job. Probably you’ve struggled with contributing to the derogatory conversations about females that your ‘boys’ are having or the girlfriend hiding techniques that they are perfecting from their wives.
Everyone goes through a craving for acceptance at least once during their lives. Now some things should be let go of (and some circles of friends) because of the conversations surrounding them. Personal opinion, which you all should probably adopt, is that if it’s not developing me in any way then there’s no need to keep in my inner circle. They stay as far as possible on the periphery of the sphere.
Back to this post. I have a confession. Earlier this year, I announced a rebranding, restructuring and relaunching of the blog. It was exciting and amazing and then several things cropped up that were not in view originally. These things took priority and so I could not completely focus on the restructuring and eventually did something and released it. Don’t get me wrong. The deadline kept me in check and forced me to do even as much as I did within the time I could but this wasn’t the complete picture.
What does this have to do with struggling for acceptance? Well, I struggled with approval for a very long while – even after I thought I was over it. I’ve realised however that sometimes the pressure I put on myself is all in my head. I think I’ve said this in an earlier post (I’ll try and find it and put a link here). I love you my readers and I won’t want to put anything that is below excellent here for you. I consider it a privilege that you keep coming back to read. That being said, this blog is going on an ‘under construction’ break for a while. Don’t worry we’ll be back before you know it and it’ll definitely be better. I’m sorry for starting and stopping but that is the price I have to pay for not letting the food stay it’s time in the oven.
Thank you for understanding and do not forget to subscribe via email so that you can get a notification once we’re back up. I might be posting things up from time to time but please do check out older posts.
Lastly, follow me on Instagram @ganaijachic. I’d post short articles or thoughts on there and maybe I’d finally use my Instastory!!
Once again, I love you guys and thank you!! See you soon,
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Spend Money

Hello everyone! My default really is ‘Hi guys’ 😆😆😆 but this would have to do.
Today’s post really is about you. Remember how we started the year with being intentional? Well it’s about that time of the year where we do a self appraisal and evaluate the progress so far. As cliche as this is going to sound, it’s not too late to meet your goals for the year. Yes, you might have to put it a lot more extra work or cut back on some extra pleasures but ultimately and hopefully you’ll realise that it was worth it.
Back to today’s post – Being intentional about you. Now, a lot of us have grown from the January ‘us’ and not just chronologically. We have grown in size or have improved in skill or have gained more knowledge and this is a very good thing – amazing in fact but I realised that a lot of this growth just happened. Imagine if you were now intentional about it.
Being intentional about self development is something a lot of us take for granted. There’s the crop of us that preach self improvement but at the same time, we look for free and cheap ways to get it done. Free seminars are good. Free skill classes are good. Free masterclasses (if they exist) are good. But one cannot put a price on the benefits of investment.
You see the amazing thing about nature is that it follows principles. Whenever you plant a seed, you get a harvest. When you invest, you get returns provided the conditions remain favourable and you picked out a good investment opportunity. You are your best investment because no one can cheat you out of your returns.
Spend money to improve yourself. It does not have to be a million naira but in self development programs, not only do you get to improve your skill set, I believe they also expose you to another point of view in your field or strengthen that which you have. It is also an amazing way to keep you accountable and in many cases build your network.
There really are many benefits of self development but today’s post is more about self investment.
Invest in yourself – in your wardrobe, your career, in your spiritual development, in your relationships. Spend something. Don’t do free all the time. Learn to spoil yourself sometimes. You’re worth the investment.
P. S. Forgive me for I type this with sleepy eyes as I have promised you a post today!