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On the 1st day to Christmas …

1 Day to Christmas

Its Christmas tomorrow!!!

Seasons Greetings to all my family, friends, fans and followers! Hope y’all enjoyed the countdown with me. Since its the last day, we’ll just wrap up by laying down Christmas rules for this year; let’s call them our commandments.

Christmas Commandments

  • Thou shall remember the real reason for the season and share it with others.
  • Thou shall show love to every single person – Agape love which is the love of Christ.
  • Thou shall not celebrate Christmas religiously but thou shall celebrate for the right reasons.
  • Thou shall remember that its a Sabbath day so keep it holy 🙂
  • Thou shall do something different this year – extend a giving hand or a hand of friendship and make somebody’s Christmas.
  • Thou shall spread cheer and only cheer!!!
  • Thou shall say at least one kind word to everyone you come in contact with. You never know who needs ‘healing’.
  • Thou shall not worry about the following day or hour or minute or second!!! 😉 Live the day as it comes.
  • Thou shall not covet your neighbour’s chicken, property or Christmas gift. Be content!!!
  • Its Christ’s birthday but thou shall not misuse the name of the Lord!!!

Those are our 10 commandments!!! Come on y’all, let’s make this a Christmas to remember!!! Let’s go 25/12/2011!!! 😀

Have a very merry Christmas and may the joy and blessings of this season fill your house!

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On the 2nd day to Christmas ….

I’m dancing and typing!!! Okay not really but I’m super excited! Its two days to Christmas … Two days to eating Christmas rice … Two days to opening presents (or maybe three for the boxing day gift unwrappers :D)!!!

We’re all in the Christmas mood by now I’m sure, no matter how ‘un-Christmassy’ our environments are. Family’s getting together, gifts are being wrapped and hidden, last minute Christmas shopping’s being done as well! So let’s continue our countdown …

Gifts! Gifts!! Gifts!!! That’s what we’ll talk about today. I’m sure most of us are done Christmas gift shopping – I am!!! So let’s review who’s on the list?
Taking a careful look at your list of recipients, I’m sure most of us would notice it included mostly family members and friends – people who were sure to give you a gift as well. It has become a normal thing for us to buy things for only those who can get us gifts back. This has to change!!! We often give expecting something and it has become so much so a part of most of us that we don’t even do it consciously anymore. Shops are still open if you have to quickly run out now but make sure you’re not excluding someone you should be giving something just because the person may not be able to give you in return.
But most importantly, I believe we shouldn’t forget the birthday boy!!! Give Jesus a very handsome gift … Let’s challenge ourselves – Give Him a gift in proportion to the way God has blessed you!!!
So this Christmas, don’t show up before the Lord empty-handed; bring a gift for the birthday boy!!!

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On the 3rd day to Christmas ….

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ – This is the first time I’m coming across this statement and we would all agree that its not true. When we hear people make fun of us or make a comment and laugh as we walk by them, we feel horrible. Words can hurt especially when they’re not true but still they hurt. Let’s try this season to be wise like Solomon and “not pay attention to every word people say.” People say a lot of things they don’t really mean so to avoid a lot of conflicts or disagreements, try not to be too sensitive.
In the same way, words can heal – a compliment, a word of encouragement, a thank you can make people feel loved and needed. But beware of flattery. They pretend to compliment you and then ask for something in return. Watch out when insincere people compliment you and know that you don’t have to do what they ask just because they said something nice.
Lastly TRY TO TAME YOUR TONGUE!!! You cannot use the same mouth to praise God to curse. It just can’t happen. Little by little, bad language takes over and starts popping up even when you don’t mean to say it. So fill your head with clean thoughts … (Phil 4:8)
Be sure you speak words that heal not hurt and don’t be a flatterer!!!

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